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Wind turbines with a short lifetime may be greener than those with a long lifetime

A Dutch manufacturer is working on floating offshore wind turbines with a lifetime of 50 years.

10. maj 2022

Cement plant supplies 25 percent of district heating in Aalborg: “We could supply 50 percent”

Danish industry has a large, untapped potential when it comes to surplus heat, which can be used both for district heating and as a replacement for Russian gas.

10. maj 2022

Savings and conversion can free us from Russian gas in a year

In just one year, the EU can become independent of Russian gas with a coordinated effort—a new report from Ea Energy Analyses shows and provides a formula for what the relevant sectors and countries should do.

10. maj 2022

Reusing takeaway packaging: We tried out the Swiss solution in Copenhagen

Swiss company reCIRCLE’s eggplant coloured reusable takeaway packaging can be found in six places in Copenhagen.

3. maj 2022

Masts failed and prevented emergency calls: How the people of Bornholm lost mobile phone signal due to power outage

The connection of over 30 mobile phone masts was lost within the first two hours already. Only two of the island’s masts held through the entire power outage.

3. maj 2022

Researcher who mapped the Danish Internet: “A real strategy must be laid out”

Monitoring of the Danish Internet is lagging enormously, and this makes it difficult to regulate the increasingly important communication channel, the researcher says.

3. maj 2022

Ukraine versus Russia: Cyber warriors sabotage their enemies with digital hand grenades

As grenades rain down on Ukraine, cyberattacks on the country have intensified in recent months. But Ukraine is also biting back in cyberspace.

3. maj 2022

Lego digitalization: The biggest investment in history

Lego is in the process of tripling its digitalization and technology department. The director of the department, which will have 1800 employees, is convinced that the brand and the playful culture will attract digital expertise.

26. apr 2022

Headsets that steady the mind: Advanced laboratory offers many acoustic environments

After the coronavirus pandemic, video meetings take place in the office, in the car, on the bike, and on the train. This places great demands on the headsets—come with us to the workshop where they are developed.

26. apr 2022

These are the biggest challenges for the government’s new green plan

The government’s new plan for a green transformation of Denmark received positive feedback from business organisations and researchers, but it risks quickly running into major challenges. They point out the biggest challenges for the plan’s success.

26. apr 2022