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Denmark should avoid e-voting—paper-based election is the best solution

With a general election soon to come, we can only assume that the debate about electronic versus paper-based elections will rise again. The Advisory Board for Information Security believes that paper elections are still the way to go.

13. sep 2022

Offshore wind turbines will float like a buoy and tilt with the wind

Floating 400-meter-high vertical axis turbines will bring the costs down and increase power production.

13. sep 2022

Car manufacturer revives battery swap: First station on its way

Second time may be the charm for battery swap stations in Denmark.

13. sep 2022 4

Tunnel to Germany: The world’s biggest assembly line spanning half a kilometre of concrete beams

See the gigantic factory, which will cast the first of 79 concrete elements weighing 73,000 tonnes at the end of this year.

13. sep 2022

Developer behind award-winning golf game: Good design can get the player to burst out laughing in surprise

Anne Clausen, game director of the successful comedy golf game WHAT THE GOLF?, describes how a game designer begins to see the game through the eyes of the player and how this can help create surprising and funny moments.

6. sep 2022

Your future organ donor may be a synthetic embryo

Embryos created without either egg or sperm, but from stem cells alone, can now form organs.

6. sep 2022

NASA’s assembly line: The next five years’ worth of Moon rockets will soon be ready

Lockheed Martin is using new technologies to make 18 new main engines more powerful and cheaper.

6. sep 2022

Oxygen-producing instrument on Mars works: “We’re ready for a facility on the Red Planet”

A mission to Mars requires at least 34 tons of oxygen to supply the rocket and the astronauts. The oxygen-producing instrument MOXIE on board Perseverance now shows that the technology may be able to provide a breath of fresh air.

6. sep 2022

Power-to-X on open sea: The danish energy island will be smaller, but it will have small satellite platforms

The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities has “learned more” and assesses that a smaller island with associated platforms will be faster to build and cause less damage to the environment and the climate.

1. sep 2022

Intelligent camera broadcasts live directly from the football stadium

After a year and a half of hard work, Veo Technologies now has a product that can both film and stream football matches.

30. aug 2022