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AI can replace every third specialist in breast cancer screening

The Capital Region of Denmark is investing heavily in having artificial intelligence collaborate with doctors on the assessment of X-ray images for breast cancer screening. The preliminary results are promising.

22. mar 2022

Analysis: Robots are ready for sidewalks and agriculture—but the road is full of stumbling blocks

Fast wireless connections and computing power in the cloud open up new opportunities for robots—in new sectors. But the policies in this area are not yet in place.

22. mar 2022

Lacking electricity grid puts a block on solar panels

With more flexible municipal planning and lower requirements for grid connection, Denmark could have between 2 and 3 GW of additional solar power capacity by the summer of 2023 and thus save on imported gas.

22. mar 2022

Steen Hildebrandt: “The invasion also took companies by surprise”

Few companies could be expected to have a clear plan for how to best react to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions. Management expert Steen Hildebrandt highlights Maersk as the best example of how to deal with the new situation.

9. mar 2022

Analysis: Russia may be facing issues with cybersecurity despite being obscured by a cloud of disinformation

It is almost impossible to verify all the allegations of leaks and hacks that are currently enveloping the cyberwar over Ukraine. Here is what we know—and what we do not know.

9. mar 2022

Musk wants to save the Ukrainian Internet—but antennas can be tracked and targeted

Starlink has sent a truck with satellite receivers to Ukraine, which fears losing control of its communications infrastructure. However, it is difficult to see how the Starlink network can be scaled up and the antennas are easy to detect.

9. mar 2022

This is how Ukraine can be connected to the rest of Europe’s electricity grid

The synchronisation of the Ukrainian electricity system with the rest of Europe has been ongoing since 2005. It is not only of technical significance, but it will also make Ukraine a part of the European electricity market.

9. mar 2022

Research attempt gone awry: Cunning Australian magpies sabotage GPS trackers

A flock of Australian magpies figured out how to remove GPS trackers that scientists had strapped on them to gain more knowledge about the Antipodes’ equivalent of our European magpies within 10 minutes. A particularly interesting detail is that they had helped each other.

1. mar 2022

Russia does not trust satellite navigation: Revives old land-based radios

If Russia invades Ukraine, it will probably be without the use of GLONASS satellite system for navigation. Instead, older land-based navigation systems like Loran are being activated, which Europe and the US have retired.

1. mar 2022

Hackers steal Danish children’s identities with cunning Russian code

Danish gamers have become part of an international hacking incident that has affected tens of thousands of children and young people around the world. Experts are surprised by how hard gamers have been hit.

1. mar 2022