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Mærsk shares code on GitHub to attract IT talent: “It’s a huge culture shift”

Danish shipping giant Mærsk has started sharing its open source projects on the GitHub code platform. Their aim is, among other things, to attract some of the hundreds of IT professionals the company hires every month.

24. aug 2022

Dangerous combination: Roofs and solar panels increase the risk of fire spread

Both research and actual fires show that a fire can spread violently under rooftop solar panels, even if the roof meets all fire safety standards. Due to a lack of legislation, solar panels are not considered part of buildings.

24. aug 2022

Point of view: We have to get used to renewable energy structures in the landscape

A new blogger on points out that communities such as cooperative movements must help us accept wind turbines and solar panels as a part of the landscape.

17. aug 2022

Danish developers want to take over cinemas with a new game platform: “It will be like a LAN party”

Two Danish companies—Cinemataztic and Bolverk Games—have received funding to create computer game tournaments that will save empty cinemas.

17. aug 2022

Norway prepares a plan for power rationing

If it comes to a power shortage, the state can force both private individuals and companies to conserve power and ultimately completely cut off power for two to eight hours a day.

17. aug 2022

Many countries dream of controlling the weather, but the technology has two fundamental problems

China wants to avert drought and forest fires with artificial rain, but a Danish professor is sceptical and warns of rain theft.

17. aug 2022

10 Danish projects are getting ready for a trip to space with Andreas Mogensen

The projects will, among other things, include filming lightning strikes from space, analysing astronauts’ sleep, and investigating if VR can improve astronauts’ health.

9. aug 2022

OPINION PIECE: How to get fresh water in drought-stricken Southern Europe

9. aug 2022

Climate scientists: We know too little about the risk of the end of humanity

There are many reasons to fear an ultimate climate catastrophe, according to an international group of researchers. However, a Danish member of the IPCC does not believe that climate models can predict a doomsday event.

9. aug 2022

Danish F-35 fighter jets have issues related to ejection seats—jets all over the world affected

Defects have been found in the ejection seats of two Danish F-35 jets. The defect is caused by a production line failure at the supplier Martin-Baker and has led to the fighter jet being grounded worldwide.

9. aug 2022