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Four people defend Greenland against the digital superpowers

According to several experts, interest in Greenland is growing, but the country is vulnerable to espionage and destructive cyberattacks.

1. feb 2022

Experts on the way forward: New materials are the backbone of the green transition

Electrolysis, transport of hydrogen, and ammonia-powered engines require new use of materials, the Danish Technological Institute and Force Technology advise companies.

25. jan 2022

Microchip crisis boosts repatriation of product development: Tesla leads the way

The ability to quickly change products according to the available components will be a key competitive parameter in 2022 with the continuation of long delivery times for microchips and other electronic components.

25. jan 2022

Renowned professor lets plants loose and rises to the top

Your raw food is alive and has far more sensory receptors than you, Michael Palmgren says. He is a knight of the Order of the Dannebrog—but has stepped down from his ivory tower to create better plants for a new world.

25. jan 2022

Landmark decision: Google Analytics is not compliant with GDPR

Google Analytics is no longer to be used, according to the Austrian Data Protection Authority. The tech giant’s measures cannot prevent data from ending up in the hands of US authorities.

25. jan 2022

Start-up company open-sources a pre-trained model for Danish speech recognition: Together we can make an even better version

The next big step will be a version with 10 or 100 times more training data, says the start-up behind the model.

19. jan 2022

Svensmark: Supernova explosions control life and climate on Earth

“A confirmation of Svensmark’s ideas will lead to nothing less than a paradigm shift that corresponds to the emergence of plate tectonics in geology or evolution in biology,” says geology professor Claudio Gaucher about the latest results presented by the Danish astrophysicist Henrik Svensmark.

19. jan 2022

Entrepreneurs make use of the biotech industry’s shared laboratories

Innovation in the life science industry has moved outside the large companies, which are increasingly actively supporting small researchers and providing them with start-up assistance in incubators.

19. jan 2022

Danish P2X project could overtake all competitors: Expected annual production of 68 million litres of e-jet fuel from 2025

Denmark’s largest supplier of aviation fuel is ready to buy every single drop of Arcadia eFuels’s green fuel, which will contain CO2 captured directly from the air.

19. jan 2022

No, coronavirus vaccines do not increase the risk of infection after three months

A Danish study of coronavirus vaccine protection over time has attracted attention due to seemingly showing negative vaccine effectiveness against Omicron 91 days after primary vaccination. The explanation has received less attention. But here it is.

12. jan 2022