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Breakthrough in air lubrication: Large ships glide on bubbles

Air lubrication is a technology that is more than a hundred years old. Now it faces its commercial breakthrough.

8. nov 2022

Dry climate requires hardy crops: Scientists examine ancient varieties of barley

An international project led by researchers from Aarhus University is searching for drought-resilient genes in 600-year-old and new varieties of barley.

8. nov 2022

Cyber security professor on train service disruption: “The situation is critical”

DSB was not properly prepared for security issues at its subcontractors, a cyber security professor says. DSB had no comment on the outage, that brought trains across Denmark to a standstill.

8. nov 2022

Agricultural robot removes hundreds of thousands of weeds per hour

An agricultural robot suitable for organic farming can eliminate the need for pesticides and manual weeding with the help of AI.

2. nov 2022

Engineers want more foreign colleagues: Case processing presents a problem

It needs to be easier to bring qualified workers to the country, a large majority of the engineers believe.

2. nov 2022

“As a middle-aged white man, it can be difficult to voice your opinion without getting shot down”

New movements and questions about gender and culture have shaken up our shared understanding in the workplace.

2. nov 2022

Integration requirements forced Danish energy scientist to leave the country: Politicians open to changing “crazy” regulations

Recruitment of talent from abroad must be combined with family reunification and retention, energy scientist Mads Rønne Almassalkhi says.

2. nov 2022

Get the facts straight: Pros and cons of nuclear power in Denmark

The majority of Danish population is now in favour of nuclear power in Denmark—and researchers want to make sure that the debate is based on facts.

25. okt 2022 42

Underwater drone reveals: At least 50 metres of the Nord Stream pipeline have sunk into the seabed

The Swedish media outlet Expressen has photographs of the aftermath of the Nord Stream 1 explosion, and they show a mysterious crack in the seabed where the pipe used to lie.

25. okt 2022

New autonomous electric ferries between Danish islands

Two new 116-meter-long electric ferries that will serve Molslinjen’s routes to Samsø and Als will be able to operate autonomously.

25. okt 2022