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Underwater drone reveals: At least 50 metres of the Nord Stream pipeline have sunk into the seabed

The Swedish media outlet Expressen has photographs of the aftermath of the Nord Stream 1 explosion, and they show a mysterious crack in the seabed where the pipe used to lie.

25. okt 2022

New autonomous electric ferries between Danish islands

Two new 116-meter-long electric ferries that will serve Molslinjen’s routes to Samsø and Als will be able to operate autonomously.

25. okt 2022

World War II depth charge detonated in the Fehmarn Belt: “It still had its full explosive force”

Explosives engineer explains how a 180-kg German depth charge on the bottom of the Fehmarn Belt was neutralised.

25. okt 2022

Dane tests future protection against quantum computers: “We hope to avoid panic”

His task is to test algorithms that will protect us from cyberweapons that do not exist yet.

19. okt 2022

Nordisk Film the first in the world to build a gigantic 360-degree LED stage

A 5.5-meter-high circular LED wall with a diameter of 16 meters transforms an old film studio in Valby into any desired movie set.

19. okt 2022

The bottom of the sea is the Danish Defence’s blind spot: 4 possible surveillance technologies

A military scientist identifies various methods to search for submarines and enemy activity under the sea.

19. okt 2022

Denmark at risk of having all its submarine cables sabotaged at the same time

It is too easy to attack and destroy all submarine cables between Denmark and its neighbouring countries in one fell swoop, a professor claims. This is a likely scenario, and it would put the country in a critical condition.

19. okt 2022

Danish professor one of three winners of Nobel Prize for click chemistry

Morten Meldal, professor at the University of Copenhagen, has for several years been nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in the area of click chemistry.

11. okt 2022

Nord Stream saboteur will probably get away with it

Denmark will probably never find out whether it was really Russia that carried out the explosions on its Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines. This is because Russia is an expert at obscuring the truth about its misdeeds.

11. okt 2022

Future of Nord Stream pipelines threatened by seawater

Ingeniøren has asked two Danish experts in corrosion how long the Nord Stream gas pipelines can last filled with salt water.

11. okt 2022