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Future of Nord Stream pipelines threatened by seawater

Ingeniøren has asked two Danish experts in corrosion how long the Nord Stream gas pipelines can last filled with salt water.

11. okt 2022

Biogas plants replace Russian natural gas: Production of “green gas” doubled in just a few years

It is expected that production will almost double again before 2030 as a part of the solution to both the energy and climate crisis.

5. okt 2022

Inside the control room: This is where consumers are disconnected in the event of a power shortage

If there is a shortage of electricity this winter, power distribution companies may be forced to disconnect consumers. Ingeniøren has visited the control room.

5. okt 2022

Gas pipelines in Danish waters: How we can handle damage

Energinet is responsible for the submarine gas pipelines in Danish inland waters and the North Sea. After the Nord Stream leak, they talk about their plan in case of pipeline damage.

5. okt 2022

Extremely simple hack can guess and block usernames in Danish MitID

Experts from both the private and public sector criticise MitID’s insecure design after the newly discovered weaknesses of the system. The Danish Data Protection Agency is investigating the case.

5. okt 2022

Artificial intelligence’s sense of smell is as good as humans’

Google’s project brings us one step closer to being able to create new scents and flavours from scratch.

27. sep 2022

Danish domestic aircraft will fly on hydrogen in 2025

When Denmark’s first green flight takes off in 2025, it will be powered by hydrogen and electric engines, Jesper Rungholm from DAT says.

27. sep 2022

Utility-scale batteries can save the power grid when renewable energy falters

Weak power grids and renewable energy make utility-scale batteries good business in California and Australia. In Denmark, they are a rare sight.

27. sep 2022

Novo Nordisk Foundation donates DKK 1.5 billion for the development of the world’s best quantum computer

With the grant of DKK 1.5 billion, Danish researchers and engineers are to develop a fault-tolerant quantum computer over the next 12 years.

27. sep 2022

Rain erosion and lightning: Damage to blades is primary cause of wind turbine failures

Damage to blades has replaced gearbox issues as the most common cause of wind turbine failures.

20. sep 2022 3