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Nuuk in a blackout: Director of energy talks about a highly dramatic week in Greenland

The power supply from hydropower is back after failures that have been happening since Monday. Accumulated ice and a hurricane knocked the power plant out, and there were problems with starting diesel emergency facilities during a communications blackout.

15. dec 2021

Swedish electric road inspired by childhood race track sets

MobilityTech has taken a ride in a Swedish electric bus that can charge while driving. Its developers hope that the system can lead to smaller batteries in buses as well as trucks and cars.

8. dec 2021

Story of an honest web developer: We use too much JavaScript and that can negatively affect users

Large amounts of JavaScript do not do much for users, believes a developer from Germany. He encourages using more server-side processed HTML and only using scripts when strictly necessary.

8. dec 2021

Heavy rainfalls and rising water levels—newfound triggers of Danish landslides

The rising groundwater levels and heavy rainfalls may trigger recently discovered conditions: ground is starting to slide in several places in Denmark.

8. dec 2021

Northern Sweden—Bornholm—Berlin: New gigabit fibre-optic cable can transfer three petabits per second

2500 kilometres of fibre-optic cable jetted into ducts laid in the ground. With 192 fibres in the same tube, the cable has a capacity equivalent to 640 million people simultaneously watching Netflix.

8. dec 2021

Heavy rainfalls, rising water levels, and unstable ground: Wetter climate means more landslides

Soil, gravel, and sand are sliding in several places in Denmark. The rising groundwater and heavy rainfalls brought about by climate change may trigger existing landslides just mapped by Geus.

30. nov 2021

IT professionals (still) prefer Microsoft: “We focus on the individual owning their job”

The ability to improve and work with technological solutions that make a difference is an essential part of the explanation why Microsoft has once again been named the IT professionals’ favorite company, according to the development director.

30. nov 2021

Advisors save Brøndby’s stands with jumping tests and studies of fight songs

Fans were about to tear the stands at Brøndby Stadium to pieces with jumping. A replacement was imminent, but studies of fight songs and jumping have shown that reinforcement and monitoring are sufficient.

30. nov 2021

Hologram telephone booths: Well-known theatre tricks are given a new digital life

Telephone booths and transparent backdrops combine well-known theatre tricks with new display technologies. The result is spatial 3D and holographic depth.

30. nov 2021

Language models are getting better at solving math problems—but are still worse than school students

Researchers believe there is a profound practical and intellectual significance in getting language models to solve complex mathematical problems.

23. nov 2021