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The gaming industry can be a front-runner in AI: “We have the advantage of not risking lives if something doesn’t work as intended”

Danish game studio Raw Power Games wants to be a front-runner in artificial intelligence. They dream of a game that can almost create itself.

29. nov 2022

Underwater drone vacuums up lost golf balls from lakes

Several golf clubs have shown interest in reusing the golf balls, the developers say.

29. nov 2022

Danish world record: First quantum-secured fibre-optic link

DTU Electro and the Niels Bohr Institute have for the first time established a quantum-encrypted connection based on a single-photon source.

29. nov 2022

Denmark has the world’s best climate policy

After Denmark, which has topped the ranking for three years, follows Sweden.

22. nov 2022

VR training for paramedics and police: “Increased heart rate and tunnel vision are crucial”

Together with SynergyXR, Ricki Toft Kristiansen has developed the next generation of his VR platform.

22. nov 2022

New traffic regulations do not result in more cyclists

Regulatory changes alone are not what gets more people to ride a bike.

22. nov 2022

Hackers can take down energy systems

Foreign powers have the capacity to penetrate the digital control systems of the electricity, gas, and heating networks and cause them to collapse. Therefore, the Danish authorities continuously scan the systems to identify possible attack points.

22. nov 2022

Molten salt as a battery: The world’s first facility of its kind will be operating in Denmark in a few years

Over the next two years, an old power station will be converted to a molten salt energy storage facility that will store energy produced by wind turbines and solar panels.

15. nov 2022

Glassphalt trial: Surface layer consists of 35 percent window glass

A stretch of road near Aarhus has a new layer of asphalt, which consists of 84 percent recycled materials. The most striking feature is that almost a third of the asphalt layer consists of crushed glass contaminated with ceramics, porcelain, and stone.

15. nov 2022

Hundreds of Novo Nordisk employees to be locked up and taught good data practices

In an attempt to get more people at Novo Nordisk interested in the benefits of good and efficient data practices, the company’s data office has created both physical and virtual escape rooms for employees.

15. nov 2022