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Fuel prices remain high—this could affect road and tunnel construction projects

Currently, a litre of petrol costs over DKK 17, and everything points to the price staying at this level for some time.

1. jun 2022

Complications in the transition to electric vehicles: Lithium shortages call for mass recycling

Rising demand for raw materials used in the production of batteries is becoming a problem for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

1. jun 2022

All managers need to understand artificial intelligence

To thrive in a world governed by data and driven by algorithms, managers must acquire competences in artificial intelligence to understand the possibilities of using AI to implement the company’s strategy. This opinion piece gives a few suggestions on the first points of the curriculum.

30. maj 2022

Moving away from Russian gas: A bread oven is not just an oven

The crisis in Ukraine turbocharged Schulstad’s ambitions to phase out gas and replace it with electricity.

30. maj 2022

An entire state taken down by hackers: What we can learn from Estonia’s cyber incident

Back in in 2007, Estonia realised how vulnerable a fully digitalised state is. Since then, the country’s IT agencies have been on high alert.

30. maj 2022

M/S Berlin gets a new rotor sail: Ingeniøren observes the process

At the industrial port of Rostock, a ferry berth is ready to lift the 30-meter-long and 42-tonne rotor sail and put it into place.

30. maj 2022

The Esbjerg Declaration demands answers: “We have no idea how to get the energy from energy islands ashore”

The Esbjerg Declaration has made the question of how to manage energy systems with offshore wind power, energy islands, and a stable electrical grid relevant again.

30. maj 2022

Wind turbines with a short lifetime may be greener than those with a long lifetime

A Dutch manufacturer is working on floating offshore wind turbines with a lifetime of 50 years.

10. maj 2022

Cement plant supplies 25 percent of district heating in Aalborg: “We could supply 50 percent”

Danish industry has a large, untapped potential when it comes to surplus heat, which can be used both for district heating and as a replacement for Russian gas.

10. maj 2022

Savings and conversion can free us from Russian gas in a year

In just one year, the EU can become independent of Russian gas with a coordinated effort—a new report from Ea Energy Analyses shows and provides a formula for what the relevant sectors and countries should do.

10. maj 2022