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Unreal Engine shows the future of computer graphics: “We are reaching real-time photorealism”

At The Game Awards held at the end of last year, Epic Games showcased Unreal Engine 5 with the tech demo “The Matrix Awakens”. The demo gave us a good idea of what we can expect from computer graphics in the coming years, a Danish expert says.

12. jan 2022

The microchip crisis gives electric cars a head start—fossil fuel cars are stuck in the back of the queue

The microchip shortage caused a significant slowdown in car sales in Denmark. But somewhat unexpectedly, the microchip crisis may at the same time accelerate the transition to electric cars, even though they are also threatened by uncertain supply of metals and rare-earth elements used for batteries.

12. jan 2022

Aviation must be sustainable: In ten years, domestic aircraft may have charging cables

Electric cars are taking over road traffic, and the same kind of change may happen in aviation over the next ten years. Large and small aircraft manufacturers are working towards being the first to offer electric short-haul passenger aircraft.

12. jan 2022

Politicians to choose between two options for a Danish road pricing experiment

Researchers from DTU and Aalborg University have submitted two different proposals on how the forthcoming experiment with charges for passenger cars could be carried out.

15. dec 2021

A professor in a clinch with Denmark’s central bank: We need an e-krone if we want to be the ones calling the shots

Denmark should have a digital currency. This is the opinion of a group of researchers dealing with digitalization and economics. But Denmark’s central bank disagrees with the need for an e-krone.

15. dec 2021

Floating solar panels are on the rise—but Denmark has not even started on them

Solar panels floating on water could definitely contribute to the green transition, but not a single such project has been started in Denmark—despite obvious possibilities.

15. dec 2021

Nuuk in a blackout: Director of energy talks about a highly dramatic week in Greenland

The power supply from hydropower is back after failures that have been happening since Monday. Accumulated ice and a hurricane knocked the power plant out, and there were problems with starting diesel emergency facilities during a communications blackout.

15. dec 2021

Swedish electric road inspired by childhood race track sets

MobilityTech has taken a ride in a Swedish electric bus that can charge while driving. Its developers hope that the system can lead to smaller batteries in buses as well as trucks and cars.

8. dec 2021

Story of an honest web developer: We use too much JavaScript and that can negatively affect users

Large amounts of JavaScript do not do much for users, believes a developer from Germany. He encourages using more server-side processed HTML and only using scripts when strictly necessary.

8. dec 2021

Heavy rainfalls and rising water levels—newfound triggers of Danish landslides

The rising groundwater levels and heavy rainfalls may trigger recently discovered conditions: ground is starting to slide in several places in Denmark.

8. dec 2021