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These are the biggest challenges for the government’s new green plan

The government’s new plan for a green transformation of Denmark received positive feedback from business organisations and researchers, but it risks quickly running into major challenges. They point out the biggest challenges for the plan’s success.

26. apr 2022

Accident Investigation Board Denmark after mayday call from a passenger plane: Thrust reverser doors were deployed

Open thrust reverser doors on an Airbus A320 almost lead to a life-threatening situation when the plane tried to climb again after an aborted landing at Copenhagen Airport on 8 April.

26. apr 2022

Offshore wind turbines at a depth of 800 meters are not a utopia

Floating offshore wind turbines offer unimaginable opportunities for wind power, and we already have the technology. Now it is down to reducing their cost.

12. apr 2022

Satellite navigation on Fehmarn: Tunnel elements assembled with millimetre precision

Satellites and ten reference stations on land ensure that construction machinery and ships navigate around the Fehmarn work port with millimetre level accuracy.

12. apr 2022

Danish energy analyst: Baltic independence from Russian gas did not happen overnight

Energy analyst at Ea Energy Analyses explains why the Baltic countries have the technical ability to stop imports of Russian gas.

12. apr 2022

Anti-gravity could explain how UFOs fly—if they exist

Researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute find surprising results with new mathematics that might explain anti-gravity.

5. apr 2022

Infrastructure: 5 largest bridge and tunnel projects in Denmark right now

Denmark’s infrastructure is constantly evolving, and with the ongoing progress and setbacks in the construction processes, it can be difficult to keep track of how far they have actually come. That is why we have selected five projects to briefly update you on.

5. apr 2022

Defence expert: Russia’s hypersonic missiles are primarily propaganda

Hypersonic missiles do not make much sense in the invasion. And it is not something that will lure Americans into a hypersonic race, says a rocket expert from DTU.

5. apr 2022

The biggest of its kind: Satellite hack targeting Ukraine hits Europe

While the USA and Ukraine both claim that Russia is behind the attack, there is little hard evidence.

5. apr 2022

Offshore wind farms could become a breeding ground for invasive species

As artificial reefs, they can benefit marine life. But they are also a threat. Offshore wind turbine foundations can both displace existing organisms and attract non-native species, biologists warn.

29. mar 2022