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Twitter’s algorithms amplify right-wingers, but the developers don’t know whether it’s a problem

Twitter’s own research shows that tweets from right-wingers are prioritised by the algorithms that populate users’ Twitter feeds.

2. nov 2021

Despite the hype and the big consultancy investments: The blockchain revolution has been postponed

Blockchain technology was supposed to have turned the world upside down. But the revolution is slow in coming, and experts disagree on the future of the technology.

2. nov 2021

Over 1,000 people backed Danish game developer on Kickstarter: Now he’s closing up shop

Audacity Interactive raised EUR 46,523 to create the role-playing game Scarlet Republics. Now the coffers are empty and the business is closed. Illustration: Audacity Interactive

2. nov 2021

50 kg satellite from North Jutland will provide global VHF coverage

The Danish company Gomspace is working on a network of 300 satellites to provide global VHF and ADS-B coverage. But can they ensure handover between orbits?

2. nov 2021

Digital sound has won out: The long and winding road from mono to 3D

The transition from analogue to digital was so brutal in terms of compressed sound and high volume that many people today still swear by analogue formats. But today’s digital sound quality is the best.

2. nov 2021 1