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Germany’s power grid is being reinforced from north to south—and that is good for Denmark

Three new high-voltage connections in Germany will ensure that power from the windy north can be sent to the high consumption areas in the south. Planning has been lengthy and commissioning has been delayed by several years.

28. jun 2022

Space arms race: several great powers are interested in anti-satellite technology

Missile attacks, lasers, kamikaze satellites, and a robotic arm. There are several technologies that can be used to destroy the satellites of hostile nations.

28. jun 2022

Google has taken the credibility crisis of AI research to a new low

Google has created its own text-to-image generator Imagen, but no one can verify Google’s claims and there is not a single image depicting people available.

22. jun 2022

Researchers want to tame the unstable power grid with the quantum computer of the future

PhD project demonstrates the first calculations of the role of quantum computers in the management of a complex future power grid with many fluctuating energy sources.

22. jun 2022

Robot to grab and rotate 20 tons of cabbage per day

A collaborative robot, a specially developed gripper, and a vision system can reduce tedious and physically strenuous work.

22. jun 2022

Just 15 minutes after the recycling centre closes, thieves are jumping the fence

Just under half of all electronic waste in Denmark does not get scrapped in accordance with the regulations. The manufacturers responsible for the collection point to the issue of thefts.

22. jun 2022

Bitcoin is neither anonymous nor “trustless”: Researcher identifies just 64 key players in the first two years

It is possible to trace the identity of Bitcoin users, and the system can be exploited with practical attacks, new research shows.

15. jun 2022

Boom in European gas projects after Russia’s demand for payment in rubles

European countries are under pressure to find alternatives to Russian gas—the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and also Denmark, among others.

15. jun 2022

OPINION PIECE: Technology is changing the car pricing model

The cars of the future will provide manufacturers with staggering additional revenue thanks to software features and updates.

15. jun 2022

Professor and climate expert on mysterious Danish project: “Marine energy is Denmark’s next big export opportunity”

One of Denmark’s greatest climate experts, Professor Sebastian Mernild, throws all his weight behind a newly developed marine energy project without wanting to reveal more.

15. jun 2022