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Hackers steal Danish children’s identities with cunning Russian code

Danish gamers have become part of an international hacking incident that has affected tens of thousands of children and young people around the world. Experts are surprised by how hard gamers have been hit.

1. mar 2022

Troop movements exposed by civilians: Danish investigator gives an insight into OSINT

The combination of real-time satellite data and the increase in technical competencies allows civilian OSINT investigators to identify movements of Russian troops and expose disinformation in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. But it is difficult to do, says a Danish IT security consultant.

1. mar 2022

Associate professor warns: Google Analytics may soon become illegal in Denmark

After the Austrian Data Protection Authority has ruled that the use of the popular statistics tool is illegal in the EU, there is a genuine risk that the service may become illegal in Denmark, says an associate professor of data protection law. But nothing is decided yet.

22. feb 2022

Molecules from outer space studied under an atomic force microscope for the first time

Researchers at IBM Research have studied molecules from a well-known Australian meteorite with an atomic force microscope (AFM).

22. feb 2022

Drones over power plants: This is how a Danish radar manufacturer distinguishes them from birds

The speed of the propellers is crucial for distinguishing between birds and drones in radar data.

22. feb 2022

Modern cars increase the risk of dangerous fire in underground parking garages

Fire safety in both old and new car parks is far worse than expected, shows a new report commissioned by the Danish Housing and Planning Authority. The authors recommend better use of fire sprinklers and stricter requirements for new car parks.

22. feb 2022

Outsourced development teams are holding their breath in Ukraine

If a war breaks out between Ukraine and Russia, several Danish IT departments may be affected because they have outsourced software development to Ukraine. Danish IT outsourcing companies are therefore preparing for the fact that their employees may be called up for conscription or need to leave the country.

8. feb 2022

Rare salt phenomenon causes a power outage in North Jutland—now one can only hope for rain

Power outages due to salt in the air are a known but rare phenomenon, says department manager at distribution network operator N1, which now hopes for large amounts of water to rinse the components.

8. feb 2022

Second Earth Trojan will be stuck in orbit for 4000 years—should we pay a visit?

An asteroid with a diameter of one kilometre follows Earth as a faithful companion around the Sun.

8. feb 2022

British study overturns the myth of a healthy glass of wine

Researchers have followed the drinking habits of 355,000 Brits for almost seven years and compared them against cardiovascular disease cases. The conclusion is clear: even moderate amounts of alcohol have adverse effects on health.

8. feb 2022