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Robot to grab and rotate 20 tons of cabbage per day

A collaborative robot, a specially developed gripper, and a vision system can reduce tedious and physically strenuous work.

22. jun 2022

Just 15 minutes after the recycling centre closes, thieves are jumping the fence

Just under half of all electronic waste in Denmark does not get scrapped in accordance with the regulations. The manufacturers responsible for the collection point to the issue of thefts.

22. jun 2022

Bitcoin is neither anonymous nor “trustless”: Researcher identifies just 64 key players in the first two years

It is possible to trace the identity of Bitcoin users, and the system can be exploited with practical attacks, new research shows.

15. jun 2022

Boom in European gas projects after Russia’s demand for payment in rubles

European countries are under pressure to find alternatives to Russian gas—the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and also Denmark, among others.

15. jun 2022

OPINION PIECE: Technology is changing the car pricing model

The cars of the future will provide manufacturers with staggering additional revenue thanks to software features and updates.

15. jun 2022

Professor and climate expert on mysterious Danish project: “Marine energy is Denmark’s next big export opportunity”

One of Denmark’s greatest climate experts, Professor Sebastian Mernild, throws all his weight behind a newly developed marine energy project without wanting to reveal more.

15. jun 2022

Danish developer creates a voice-controlled game in Google Actions: “It’s a pretty good development environment”

Players use their voice to control the course of the game in “Voice Attorney”, a new game from Danish game developer Bolverk Games. The game director provides an insight into the workings of Google’s voice recognition tool.

8. jun 2022

Watch: French electric bus bursts into flames—the model is now taken out of service

Electric buses do not pose a greater risk than diesel buses, Kjeld Nørregaard from the Danish Technological Institute explains.

8. jun 2022

Japanese liquid amine efficiently captures CO2 directly from the air

Researchers from Tokyo have found an amine solution that captures CO2 from atmospheric air with great efficiency. Experts call it promising, but fear corrosion problems when upscaled.

8. jun 2022

Methanol, ammonia, or even nuclear power: Shipping should be less dirty

For decades, the shipping industry has been lagging behind when it comes to the green transition. But something seems to have changed.

8. jun 2022