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The world’s most powerful wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 236 metres online in Jutland

Vestas’s 15 MW turbine has produced its first kWh of power. The company already have orders for a total of 8 GW worth of turbines.

11. jan 2023

Using AI to overcome writer’s block: “You can write a novel together with Dostoevsky”

The AI-powered tool LAIKA aims to help writers avoid writer’s block. Among other things, it makes it possible to use history’s greatest writers as collaborators.

13. dec 2022

Technology behind self-driving cars has reached a stalemate

The progress of autonomous vehicles in recent years is negligible. Investors are now starting to pull out and manufacturers are shutting down, all while Tesla struggles with an increasing number of fatal accidents.

13. dec 2022

Foreigners on Danish bosses: “Less like an army general and more like a sports coach”

The informal Danish leadership style can make it difficult to decipher who is at the top of the hierarchy. Two new books guide foreign workers in Denmark.

13. dec 2022

For the sake of the climate: Cut down the old beech forest

We must make a sharper distinction between climate forests and wild nature in order to achieve the new EU target for carbon storage in nature, a senior researcher in the field of forests and biomass says.

13. dec 2022

Christmas market, summer market, and Oktoberfest: Nordea wants to be more than a workplace

The Nordic banking group takes retention so seriously, that it has employed people whose sole task is to strengthen the employees’ sense of community and attachment to the company.

6. dec 2022

Fireworks scare off migratory birds: They flee and never return

Geese with GPS transmitters in their collars led a group of researchers to the conclusion, that fireworks scare migratory birds away from their Danish wintering grounds.

6. dec 2022

DTU hunts for jammers and dark ships near Nord Stream

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have compiled a rogues’ gallery of suspicious dark ships, that have concealed their movement in Danish waters.

6. dec 2022

Desperate sailors defend themselves against orcas with fireworks and sand

Scientists are struggling to understand why young orcas are destroying hundreds of boats along the coast of Spain and Portugal. The sailors are desperate, and so am I.

6. dec 2022

Danish ferry reinvents and puts a modern twist on ancient technology

The shipping company sees great potential in magnetic flywheels.

29. nov 2022