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Power-to-X on open sea: The danish energy island will be smaller, but it will have small satellite platforms

The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities has “learned more” and assesses that a smaller island with associated platforms will be faster to build and cause less damage to the environment and the climate.

1. sep 2022

Vertical farming is gaining ground, but it does not save more water than Danish greenhouses

Professionals disagree about the potential of vertical farming: “I find it difficult to see the point”, a professor says. “You have to look at things in a more nuanced way,” the founder of Denmark’s largest vertical farm says.

30. aug 2022

Sammenfiltrede molekyler er hemmeligheden bag underafkølet vands to faser

Forskere understøtter 30 år gammel teori om væske-til-væske-faseskift i underafkølet vand og bruger topologi til at forklare kompleksiteten af én af klodens vigtigste væsker.

25. aug 2022

Based on Einstein’s formula: World’s first atom laser has become a reality

After two decades of work, scientists succeeded in maintaining a continuous ray of atoms trapped in a special quantum state. This breakthrough opens up the possibility for a whole range of measurements of e.g. gravity and waves.

28. jun 2022

Space arms race: several great powers are interested in anti-satellite technology

Missile attacks, lasers, kamikaze satellites, and a robotic arm. There are several technologies that can be used to destroy the satellites of hostile nations.

28. jun 2022

Google has taken the credibility crisis of AI research to a new low

Google has created its own text-to-image generator Imagen, but no one can verify Google’s claims and there is not a single image depicting people available.

22. jun 2022

An entire state taken down by hackers: What we can learn from Estonia’s cyber incident

Back in in 2007, Estonia realised how vulnerable a fully digitalised state is. Since then, the country’s IT agencies have been on high alert.

30. maj 2022

Ukraine versus Russia: Cyber warriors sabotage their enemies with digital hand grenades

As grenades rain down on Ukraine, cyberattacks on the country have intensified in recent months. But Ukraine is also biting back in cyberspace.

3. maj 2022

Private har snart udsigt til bredbånd på 10 Gbit/s

Norge har allerede solgt de første forbindelser. I Danmark er både GlobalConnect og TDC NET i gang med opgraderingen. af den passive optiske netværksteknologi, så infrastrukturen kan håndtere nye høje hastigheder.

31. mar 2022

Mathematical model tested on mink predicts the end of virus variants

Researchers from Aalborg University have developed a model that can help the authorities determine when it is safe to reopen society after an epidemic.

22. mar 2022

Analysis: Robots are ready for sidewalks and agriculture—but the road is full of stumbling blocks

Fast wireless connections and computing power in the cloud open up new opportunities for robots—in new sectors. But the policies in this area are not yet in place.

22. mar 2022

Matematisk model afprøvet på mink udskriver dødsattest til virusvarianter

Forskere fra Aalborg Universitet har udviklet en model, som kan hjælpe myndighederne med at afgøre, hvornår det er sikkert at genåbne samfundet efter en epidemi.

18. mar 2022 1

Analysis: Russia may be facing issues with cybersecurity despite being obscured by a cloud of disinformation

It is almost impossible to verify all the allegations of leaks and hacks that are currently enveloping the cyberwar over Ukraine. Here is what we know—and what we do not know.

9. mar 2022

Troop movements exposed by civilians: Danish investigator gives an insight into OSINT

The combination of real-time satellite data and the increase in technical competencies allows civilian OSINT investigators to identify movements of Russian troops and expose disinformation in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. But it is difficult to do, says a Danish IT security consultant.

1. mar 2022

China’s NIO wants to spread EV battery swapping to Europe

With a new ambitious plan, the Chinese EV manufacturer NIO aims to build a network of battery swapping stations across Europe. Even though the legacy of Better Place may be discouraging, it seems like the technology has come a long way since then.

1. feb 2022

Entrepreneurs make use of the biotech industry’s shared laboratories

Innovation in the life science industry has moved outside the large companies, which are increasingly actively supporting small researchers and providing them with start-up assistance in incubators.

19. jan 2022

Kampen om forbrugerelektronikkens produktlevetid i 2021

Michael Søgaard Jørgensen

Forbrugerelektronikkens levetid har lige som de foregående år været en del i fokus i 2021 i Danmark. Dette lange blogindlæg giver en grundig status og analyse af 2021 og muligheder og barrierer i k...

Floating solar panels are on the rise—but Denmark has not even started on them

Solar panels floating on water could definitely contribute to the green transition, but not a single such project has been started in Denmark—despite obvious possibilities.

15. dec 2021

Story of an honest web developer: We use too much JavaScript and that can negatively affect users

Large amounts of JavaScript do not do much for users, believes a developer from Germany. He encourages using more server-side processed HTML and only using scripts when strictly necessary.

8. dec 2021

Digitalisering af 5G-radionet halter: Sygehuse og industri fastholdes i slæbespor

Virtualisering af radionetværk i skyen er forudsætningen for at 5G for alvor bliver en succes til professionelle tjenester og services i eksempelvis industrien.

25. nov 2021 1