Mads Lorenzen, journalist

An entire state taken down by hackers: What we can learn from Estonia’s cyber incident

Back in in 2007, Estonia realised how vulnerable a fully digitalised state is. Since then, the country’s IT agencies have been on high alert.

30. maj 2022

Researcher who mapped the Danish Internet: “A real strategy must be laid out”

Monitoring of the Danish Internet is lagging enormously, and this makes it difficult to regulate the increasingly important communication channel, the researcher says.

3. maj 2022

Ukraine versus Russia: Cyber warriors sabotage their enemies with digital hand grenades

As grenades rain down on Ukraine, cyberattacks on the country have intensified in recent months. But Ukraine is also biting back in cyberspace.

3. maj 2022

Ukraine versus Rusland: Cyberkrigere saboterer deres fjender med digitale håndgranater

Mens granaterne ­hagler ned over Ukraine, er hackerangreb mod landet intensiveret over de seneste ­måneder. Men også i cyber­space bider Ukraine fra sig.

27. apr 2022

The biggest of its kind: Satellite hack targeting Ukraine hits Europe

While the USA and Ukraine both claim that Russia is behind the attack, there is little hard evidence.

5. apr 2022

‘Andriy’ hacker Rusland, mens han flygter med sine børn

En ukrainsk programmør og hacker fortæller om den digitale indsats mod Ruslands militære overmagt – og om flugten fra et hjem.

11. mar 2022

Analysis: Russia may be facing issues with cybersecurity despite being obscured by a cloud of disinformation

It is almost impossible to verify all the allegations of leaks and hacks that are currently enveloping the cyberwar over Ukraine. Here is what we know—and what we do not know.

9. mar 2022

Hackers steal Danish children’s identities with cunning Russian code

Danish gamers have become part of an international hacking incident that has affected tens of thousands of children and young people around the world. Experts are surprised by how hard gamers have been hit.

1. mar 2022

Usikre insulinpumper og baby-monitorer: Derfor er sikkerheden elendig på IOT-produkter

Nogle IoT-produkter udgør en risiko, allerede inden de kommer ud af emballagen. Men hvorfor er det stadig sådan?

17. feb 2022 1

Four people defend Greenland against the digital superpowers

According to several experts, interest in Greenland is growing, but the country is vulnerable to espionage and destructive cyberattacks.

1. feb 2022