Carl Juul Nielsen

Carl Juul Nielsen Spil-journalist Version2

Danish developers want to take over cinemas with a new game platform: “It will be like a LAN party”

Two Danish companies—Cinemataztic and Bolverk Games—have received funding to create computer game tournaments that will save empty cinemas.

17. aug 2022

Researcher: AI can make games more personalised if developers let go of control

In the future, computer games could have content tailored to the individual player if the game developers dare to relinquish their data and their creative control, according to an expert.

28. jun 2022

Danish developer creates a voice-controlled game in Google Actions: “It’s a pretty good development environment”

Players use their voice to control the course of the game in “Voice Attorney”, a new game from Danish game developer Bolverk Games. The game director provides an insight into the workings of Google’s voice recognition tool.

8. jun 2022

Danish star developer has left Denmark: “The money is too low and too costly”

The money is “too low and too costly” when it comes to Danish investors supporting game development, says Dino Patti, founder of one of the most successful game studios in Denmark.

12. apr 2022

På vej mod virtuelle koncerter: De sætter musik til festerne i Zuckerbergs metavers

Det dansk-schweiziske firma PatchXR har sat sig for at levere stroboskoplys og tung bas til den virtuelle verden, som Facebooks grundlægger Mark Zuckerberg har i støbeskeen.

12. apr 2022

LYT Kom med ind i spiludviklers lydværksted, hvor figur og musik spiller i takt

Hos Bedtime Digital Games udvikles musikken, lyden og spillet synkront.

11. apr 2022

Unreal Engine shows the future of computer graphics: “We are reaching real-time photorealism”

At The Game Awards held at the end of last year, Epic Games showcased Unreal Engine 5 with the tech demo “The Matrix Awakens”. The demo gave us a good idea of what we can expect from computer graphics in the coming years, a Danish expert says.

12. jan 2022

Report from the metaverse: The digital universe bores to death everyone except its permanent residents

Version2 has taken a reporting trip to what is one of the currently closest things to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of a decentralised metaverse in 2021; Decentraland.

17. nov 2021

Over 1,000 people backed Danish game developer on Kickstarter: Now he’s closing up shop

Audacity Interactive raised EUR 46,523 to create the role-playing game Scarlet Republics. Now the coffers are empty and the business is closed. Illustration: Audacity Interactive

2. nov 2021