Professor Brian Seger




DTU Physics



Inaugural Lecture by Professor Brian Seger: "Using Catalysis to make an Impact in the Sustainable Energy Transition" In this talk I will start with my quest to find a useful topic to study to benefit society and describe the meandering path it has taken me through to my current work in CO2 electrolysis.

Organic chemicals is one of the hardest to abate sector for CO2 emissions, but a CO2 electrolysis process that can produce 12 different products can go a long way in getting us there.

However, understanding how we get all the different products and designing catalysts to isolate these can be a challenge. Furthermore, the same science behind CO2 acidifying our oceans also causes engineering problems in the CO2 electrolysis field that needs to be overcome.

Due to the urgency of climate change both fundamental and engineering-based work needs to take place concomitantly.

Brian Seger is a newly appointed Professor in the Surface Science and Catalysis section at DTU Physics. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (2003) from the University of Toledo.

Brian holds a PhD (2009) from the University of Notre Dame, both in Chemical Engineering. After postdocs at the University of Queensland and DTU, he joined the faculty at DTU Physics in 2014.

His focus originally related to photoelectrolysis but has since moved on to electrosynthesis reaction primarily related to CO2 and CO electrolysis.

Currently he is a coordinator of a Horizon 2020 project and task leader for both the VSustain center and the Capex Pioneer center with all projects focusing on various aspects of CO2 electrolysis.