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Lucas Farias Falcchi Correa

PhD student Lucas Farias Falcchi Correa will defend his thesis "CO2 capture by absorption: Experiment and modelling", Wednesday 22 February at 13:00. The defend will take place at DTU Lyngby, building 101, room S09.

22. feb 2023 DTU Kemiteknik Ph.d.-forelæsning

Henrik Kjell Marcus Järleblad

PhD defence by Henrik Kjell Marcus Järleblad Orbit-space sensitivity of fast-ion diagnostics

FRI 10 FEB 23
DTU Fysik
DTU Lyngby Campus
Building 303A
Auditorium 41

Principal Supervisor
Dr. Tech. Mirko Salewski, DTU Physics

Dr. Luke Stagner, General Atomics, California, United States of America

10. feb 2023 DTU Physics Ph.d.-forelæsning

Professor Brian Seger

Inaugural Lecture by Professor Brian Seger: "Using Catalysis to make an Impact in the Sustainable Energy Transition" In this talk I will start with my quest to find a useful topic to study to benefit society and describe the meandering path it has taken me through to my current work in CO2 electrolysis.

Organic chemicals is one of the hardest to abate sector for CO2 emissions, but a CO2 electrolysis process that can produce 12 different products can go a long way in getting us there.

10. feb 2023 DTU Physics Doktorforsvar

Frederik Autrup

Frederik Autrup will defend his thesis “Shear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams without and with Small Amount of Shear Reinforcement” on February 9, 2023 at 9.00.

The defense will take place in room "U71" at Gydehutten hallway at the University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M

9. feb 2023 University of Southern Denmark, Department of Technology and Innovation Ph.d.-forelæsning

Nikolaj Rørbæk Knøsgaard

PhD Defence by Nikolaj Rørbæk Knøsgaard: Machine Learning Quantum Mechanics for Materials Science

FRI 03 FEB 23
DTU Fysik
DTU Lyngby Campus
Building 101, 2nd Floor
Meeting Room 2
Principal Supervisor
Professor Kristian Sommer Thygesen, DTU Physics

Professor Thomas Bligaard, DTU Energy
Associate Professor Rickard Armiento, Linköping University
Professor LucaGhiringhelli , Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society

3. feb 2023 DTU Fysik Ph.d.-forelæsning

Henning Si Høj

Removing ice and snow from airplanes is a necessary and safety-critical process to enable reliable air transport in the cold winter months at many airports around the world. Most often, specialized de-icing trucks are used for this purpose, operated by trained operators, to ensure that the airplanes can take off and safely fly passengers and cargo to their destination. These operators currently handle almost every aspect of the de-icing process manually.

3. feb 2023 Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Doktorforsvar

Hannah-Marie Martiny

PhD student Hannah-Marie Martiny will defend her thesis with the title "Analysis of global emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance in 214k host and environmental samples" on Thursday, 2 February 2023, at 13:00 at DTU Lyngby, Building 101, Meeting center S09.

2. feb 2023 DTU Food Ph.d.-forelæsning

Mette Kajhøj

Projektchef Mette Kajhøj vil fra 1. februar 2023 varetage afdelingsledelsen af DMRs afdeling Vand & Klima. Mette har siden september 2022 været ansat i DMR som projektchef. Mette har mere end 25 års erfaring inden for forsyningsområdet, inkl. håndtering af regnvand og klimaprojekter. Mette skal være med til at fortsætte DMR & Vand & Klimaafdelingens positive udvikling. DMR er nu ca. 220 medarbejdere fordelt på 17 danske kontorer og to kontorer i Norge.

1. feb 2023 Dansk MIljørådgivning A/S - DMR Mindeord

Bhavana B. Parackal

Bhavana B. Parackal will defend her PhD thesis with the title: “Automated Flow Synthesis and Click-chemistry of Quinones” on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, at 13:00. at DTU Lyngby, Building 301, Meeting room 101.

1. feb 2023 DTU Energy Ph.d.-forelæsning

Morten Lysdahlgaard Pedersen

PhD student Morten Lysdahlgaard Pedersen will defend his thesis "Real-time Evaluation of the Settlement of Marine Biofouling" on Tuesday , 31 January 2023, at 13:30 at DTU Lyngby, building 227, room 239.

31. jan 2023 DTU Chemical Engineering Ph.d.-forelæsning