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Byg virtuelle prototyper med multifysikværktøj, og undgå overdesignede produkterTILMELD


COMSOL har netop udgivet version 6.0 af deres software COMSOL Multiphysics. Værktøjet der sætter dig i stand til at digitalt teste dine produkter under stort set alle tænkelige omstændigheder. Varme, flow, mekanisk belastninger, strøm, kemi eller akustik - du definerer selv rammerne.

Denne briefing er for alle, der arbejder med udvikling af produkter, der fungerer under forskellige omstændigheder. Uanset branche. Om du laver høreapparater eller vindmøller, så kan den nye opdatering af COMSOL Multiphysics tilføje værdi til dit slutprodukt.

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In this report, we examine application programming interfaces, or APIs, that criminals target with credential stuffing attacks. When it comes to credential stuffing, the APIs we’re examining use REST and SOAP to access resources. This includes account summary pages with personal information, account records, and balances, as well as other tools or services within the platform. While they’re not directly comparable, both REST and SOAP are essentially methods of communication between applications. REST can be implemented in different ways, depending on the project.

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Whether you sell to customers over the web, operate data centers around the world or in the cloud, or support employees on the road, you rely on the Internet to keep your business connected. Protecting those connections can be critical in a world of evolving security threats and changing business requirements. Mobile. Cloud. DevOps. Akamai can help. We understand the Internet and how you use it to drive your business forward.

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Når vi taler om ”Det usynlige internet”, så handler det måske i virkeligheden mere om ”usynligt indhold”, og om at effektiviteten af traditionelle IPS/IDS-systemer og firewalls er faldende på grund af den stigende brug af kryptering. Når næsten al datatrafik til internettet er krypteret, er det svært at se og analysere den reelle trafik mellem applikationerne. Dette har været en kendt udvikling i lang tid, men det er stadig noget, som mange har valgt ikke at forholde sig til. Problemet er på sin vis selvskabt, da det selvfølgelig er en god idé at benytte sig af kryptering.

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Flexible, secure branch-to-internet connectivity has become a business imperative. Nearly every organization, distributed or otherwise, now relies on cloud-based technology, including software-as-a-service applications, cloud storage, or other cloud infrastructure, for mission-critical business activities.

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You can read about cyberattacks in the news almost every day. Security is on top of the agenda at most companies across all industries but how do you know that you are protected? Most of us have firewalls, end point clients and authentication solutions, but do you know what they do? What threats they detect? What actions you should take to further improve your security? Security is complex and how do you know that you have proper protection if you’re not aware of what is happening in your network and to your users.

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Today, most businesses are highly dependent that their offices, employees—and even vehicles—are connected at all times and that resources can be accessed easily. And not simply accessed but connected to securely, with a high degree of protection to ensure business continuity.

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It’s hard to imagine an organization today that does not rely on file servers, SharePoint or Office 365 for storing data, including valuable and sensitive information such as intellectual property and personal data. This makes these systems particularly attractive targets for all sort of attackers, from external hackers to disgruntled employees. To protect data from both external and internal threats, businesses must regularly conduct thorough data security assessments as part of their broader cyber security assessments.