Security Analytics

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You can read about cyberattacks in the news almost every day. Security is on top of the agenda at most companies across all industries but how do you know that you are protected? Most of us have firewalls, end point clients and authentication solutions, but do you know what they do? What threats they detect? What actions you should take to further improve your security? Security is complex and how do you know that you have proper protection if you’re not aware of what is happening in your network and to your users. It’s common to have limited or siloed visibility to what’s happening across the network. For example, collecting logs from different systems in a central repository does not mean that you have visibility to trends, behaviors and incidents where you need to take action.

As security is complex there is no surprise it’s an area where analytics plays an important role. Security Analytics is a broad term as there are many different security related areas where analytics is useful or even required in order to have proper protection and threat prevention.