Data Center Interconnect for the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

The world is moving to the cloud. Everything from entertainment and consumer mobile applications to enterprise software and government services is already living in the cloud or will be headed there soon.

ISO 27701 - How OneTrust Helps

The constantly changing landscape of information privacy and security necessitates guidance on how to operate within this ever-growing sphere. International standards have been established to provide guidance on how organizations should handle personal information and how to demonstrate compliance as privacy regulations continue to evolve.

IT Company Rank Insights Seminar

Hør analytiker Kamilla Vennevold og analysechef Dennis Roi Hansen fra Teknologiens Mediehus gennemgå IT Company Rank 2020 undersøgelsen.

Præfabrikerede vådrumsmoduler sparer bygherrens og rådgiverens tid og giver nye muligheder for pladsoptimerende og effektiv renovering af badeværelser

I dette webinar vil teamet bag Modulett præsentere og gennemgå de forskellige præfabrikerede vådrumsmoduler, som bør være inspirerende for enhver ingeniør eller arkitekt ved renovering af toilet- og baderum.

Security Awareness Training

Styrk din virksomhed gennem SAT, og få ledelsen med på vognen

Vipre har mere end 20 års erfaring i at hjælpe virksomheder med internetsikkerhed, og leverer blandt andet security awareness training til virksomheder i alle størrelser, der vil øge deres medarbejdere sikkerhedsbevidsthed.

Hvis du gerne vil blive klogere på, hvordan du styrker din virksomhed gennem SAT, og hvordan du får ledelsen med på vognen, kan du starte her.

Securing Privileged Access and Identities in 4 Key Cloud Scenarios

This eBook presents four use cases and best practices for securing privileged identities across different cloud deployment scenarios and fully integrating privileged access management with your enterprise security regimen.

We delve into the topics of how enterprises are adopting cloud, the power of priviliged access and identities in the cloud, securing cloud privileged access and identity best practices in 4 key scenarios as well as mastering the challenges to PAM and identities in the cloud.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a Service - for Dummies

If protecting privileged access is so critical to protecting a company’s crown jewels, why aren’t companies doing more to guard against these types of attacks? Well, the good news is if you pick up this book, you likely have an interest in learning and doing more. By using this knowledge, you can help your company mitigate against privileged access security risks.

With IT infrastructure, platforms, and software all rapidly moving to “as a service” models, we also examine how you can help your company successfully run Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a Service.

7 Best Practices for Enabling and Securing Remote Work

Today’s remote workforce, regardless of what they do on a day-to-day basis, demand flexibility. They require the need to do their jobs wherever they might be, whenever they might need to do it. However, with this increased flexibility comes new security challenges that require modern solutions. For instance, a 2020 CyberArk survey found that 77% of remote employees are using unmanaged personal devices to access corporate systems. Further, 29% of users admitted to allowing other members of their household use of their corporate devices for non-work activities.

Top 5 Reasons to Put Privilege First

Privileged access is the gateway to an organization’s most valuable assets and is at the core of nearly every major security breach.

Organizations must have a strategy in place to manage and monitor privileged access, as well as detect and respond to threats if they’d like to mitigate risk from today’s advanced attacks.

13 Email Threat Types to Know About Right Now

A cyberattack can affect your business in many ways, depending on its nature, scope, and severity. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), cybercrime cost $3.5 billion in losses in 2019 alone, with business email compromise (BEC) causing the most damages. That doesn’t include unreported losses, which are significant. IC3 received 467,361 complaints last year—more than 1,300 per day—with phishing responsible for 93 percent of email breaches.