Endpoint Detection and Response - Advanced Threat Detection, Focused Investigation And Effective Response

The advanced threat challenges you face today Cyber-criminals are growing ever more sophisticated and today’s advanced attacks are increasingly difficult to detect.

Using techniques that individually look like routine behavior, an attacker may access your infrastructure and remain undetected for months, significantly increasing the risk of a costly data breach.

X.e Case Study: Service Life of a Conveyor Belt Drive

Besides the oil seals, the shaft-hub connection and the lubricant used, the key factors in determining the service life of an industrial gear unit are the rolling bearings, the loads placed on them and the gearing’s load capacity for reliably transferring the torque.

Understanding More About the Thermal and Acoustic Properties of Gear Units

Are you interested in the physics of gear units? Would you like to learn more about the underlying thermal and acoustic properties and how they affect the dimensioning and operation of a drive?

This brochure provides you with an overview of key questions and answers that will help you see your gear unit through new eyes in the future.

The Value of Outsourcing Detection and Response

Outsourcing IT services is common practice for organisations everywhere. The majority of organisations already outsource significant parts of their IT services to third parties,, and the remainder are likely to have at least considered it. Cost is still one of the key reasons for outsourcing, but other value-related reasons are becoming more important.

IT Outsourcing Concerns and Mitigations

Outsourcing of IT operations and development has been a hot topic for years. Outsourcing critical operations adds certain risks, but with it also comes benefits.

Common advantages include scalability, more robust disaster recovery, easier access to subject matter experts, lower costs and being able to focus resources on core business development.

The Top 4 Things to Look for in a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Solution

No one wants their company to make headlines like “80,000 Company X Accounts Were Compromised in the Latest Breach” or “3 Billion Company Y Accounts Have Been Stolen in the Past Year.” Whether your company has an ecommerce website, a portal for your customers to pay bills online, or you provide a subscription service, most organizations have a website or applications that customers need to log in to. And unfortunately, it is through insecure access or poor password hygiene that credentials are stolen and company data is breached.

The Quick Guide To Risk-Based Scoring for Multi-Factor Authentication

Most organizations understand the importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to securely log into any system or application. Simply providing a username and password is no longer considered secure, so MFA prompts the user for an additional factor to verify identity. This additional factor might be a One Time Password (OTP), an SMS text message, or an email. However, some of these delivery mechanisms for authentication can be hijacked. Hackers are getting better everyday at breaching accounts.

How to Leverage AI-Powered Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) For Remote Work

With the demand to set up a remote workforce quickly and efficiently, organizations face new challenges around controlling exactly who has access to corporate data outside the safety of the office network.

5 Security and Productivity Risks of Remote Work

The Covid-19 crisis has forced global businesses to change operations in a variety of unprecedented ways. To navigate and halt the spread of the pandemic, organizations around the world have adopted strict remote work policies where employees have to maintain work and productivity from the confines of their home. While this poses a variety of critical social and personal challenges, the shift has also posed significant challenges to maintaining business operations.

Rethink AD - A Paradigm Shift for Identity Management

I årtier har Microsofts Active Directory (AD) været inkluderet "gratis" med Windows Server og Microsoft Exchange, hvilket skaber et legacy lock-in.

I årenes løb er AD's tentakler vokset og har indlejret AD dybt i de fleste virksomheders IT-infrastrukturer.

Det er dog blevet et legacy værktøj, der efterhånden giver flere hovedpiner end det skaber fordele og selvom det måske aldrig forsvinder helt fra it-landskabet, har IT-afdelinger nu alternativer.