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2020 Open Source Security & Risk Analysis ReportHent

Synopsys’ Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report includes insights and recommendations to help security, risk, legal, and development teams better understand the open source security and license risk landscape.

To help organisations develop secure, high-quality software, the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC) publishes research that supports strong cyber security practices.

Download the report for an in-depth snapshot of the current state of open source security, compliance, and code quality risk in commercial software

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Securing Remote Work: Safeguarding Business Continuity with Zscaler

Nothing is more important right now than protecting the health of employees and community members, and that requires enterprises to mitigate the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. In the meantime, organizations must ensure business continuity and preserve enterprise productivity, especially when employees are moving to fully remote work. This poses massive challenges for enterprises that must immediately manage an entire staff of remote workers

Cybersecurity Crisis-Planning Checklist

I tider præget af usikkerhed, må det være CxO'ens første prioritet at sikre medarbejdernes sundhed og trivsel. Virksomheder må optræde agile, ikke kun i udviklingen men også i den daglige drift - det gælder især i krisetider. Kriser medfører ofte disruption af normale rutiner og processer i driften, men disse tilpasninger til krisesituationer må ikke blive en 'new normal' som kompromitterer cybersikkerheden. Derfor er det CISO'ens opgave at handle hurtig og beslutsom.

Zscaler har identificeret otte strategiske mål for en CISO i krisetider. Læs om disse i dette whitepaper.

Medarbejdervalg – en vejledning til IT-afdelinger

For at forblive konkurrencedygtige er det vigtigt, at virksomheder kan tilbyde deres medarbejdere de bedste værktøjer til arbejdet. Apples produkter er de bedste værktøjer til virksomheder, fordi de er enkle og intuitive og samtidig effektive, sikre og lette at implementere. Mac, iPad eller iPhone – alle Apple-produkter muliggør problemløsning på kreative måder og giver gnidningsfrie oplevelser, der øger medarbejdernes produktivitet.

Why IT leaders should consider a zero trust network access strategy

While technology has long been considered an engine necessary to keep the business moving forward, it is now recognized as a true business driver, capable of creating new efficiencies, capabilities, and revenue opportunities as well. The role of the IT leader has similarly evolved, with CISOs, CIOs, and CTOs now part of the executive suite due to a new strategic focus on technology.

Enabling Your At-Home Workforce: Three Tips for Successful Collaboration

Business leaders are looking for ways to ensure their at-home workers can be as productive as those in the corporate headquarters or a remote office. Tools, such as Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others, are designed for just that purpose.

But employee collaboration and productivity take a hit when Zoom calls drop or when Office 365 documents take forever to load, and employee frustration rises. Organizations must ensure that their at-home employees can be as productive as possible while using these bandwidth-intensive tools.

Break the Replatform Cycle with MACH Enterprise Architecture

To adapt to the speed of modern business, enterprises need a modern architecture that is easy to evolve. MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless) is a set of design principles behind a rising group of modular software that gives businesses the freedom to choose from the best tools on the market today and provide a structure that makes it easy to add, replace, or remove technologies in the future.

Choosing a PC is a security decision

A new malware specimen will emerge on the internet about every four seconds, reveals independent antivirus reviewer AV-TEST.2 Yet this this is just the tip of the iceberg – as threats to information security continue to grow, not just in frequency, but also in variety and scope.

Unlocking the Power of the Cloud: Why SD-WANs Need Cloud-Enabled DDI

A revolution is underway in enterprise wide area networks. The rise and mainstream adoption of cloud computing services, ubiquitous mobile connectivity, and the demands of an on-demand workforce have strained enterprise connections to remote and branch office networks. There are more users, devices, and connected things at the edge of the enterprise network, and they all need secure, reliable connectivity.

Modern Networking For The Borderless Enterprise

Enterprises are growing more dispersed and borderless. Essential talent, branch offices, facilities and partners can be located anywhere in the world—and they need rapid and secure access to critical apps and data to keep business running smoothly. What’s more, with aggressive initiatives around SaaS, IoT, SD-WAN and IPv6, smart organizations are moving to the cloud to accelerate workflows and better support users and sites wherever they happen to be.

Improving Cybersecurity for Remote Working 13 Recommendations

What are the security implications of this abrupt change? And which cybersecurity best practices are most critical to make this abrupt change both seamless and secure? The dependence on emergency remote working will forever be part of most organizations’ cyber resilience strategy - part of the IT and security new normal. If your organization can effectively work from home (WFH), you should feel very fortunate, as many industries largely cannot – such as airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and manufacturing firms – to name a few.