Application Access Redefined: Managing the Modern Workforce

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The paradigm shift sweeping enterprise technology and business gets more palpable by the day. The transition to cloud computing is near its tipping point. Mergers and acquisitions have burgeoned. And with a growing number of end users outside the corporate environment, IT departments need to serve an increasingly diverse, distributed, and demanding user ecosystem. Providing secure, application-specific access to enterprise systems and data has become more important than ever. And more challenging. The traditional, centralized security stack (e.g., VPNs, RDPs, proxies) exposes organizations to risks, increases complexity, and causes performance issues. And integration challenges, when addressed through quick, short-term configurations, pull your IT resources away from forward-looking initiatives and compound technical debt.

This white paper:
• Details how the workforce, business environment, and IT are changing
• Examines the challenges of delivering secure application access using existing technologies
• Discusses why a Zero Trust security architecture can minimize your attack surface in the modern
IT environment