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Python på ARM, Arduino, PIC24/dsPIC...

Hvis nogen drømmer om Python på sin microcontroller (ARM, Arduino, PIC24/dsPIC...) - så se her:

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PYTHON!… on a microcontroller! That you can interact with! At runtime! Tooo good to be true.

PyMite Wiki:

Python-on-a-Chip (p14p):
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2010/09/01 (1bdb8d31f27b) New platform: Arduino Mega.
2010/07/23 (7caf29a7c370) New platform: Microchip PIC24/dsPIC
2010/06/24 (ec4034b23bff) New feature: Bytearray: packet = bytearray(128); b = bytearray(b"abc")
Features of the PyMite VM:

  • Requires roughly 55 KB program memory
  • Initializes in 4KB RAM; print "hello world" needs 5KB; 8KB is the minimum recommended RAM.
  • Supports integers, floats, tuples, lists, dicts, functions, modules, classes, generators, decorators and closures
  • Supports 25 of 29 keywords and 89 of 112 bytecodes from Python 2.6
  • Can run multiple stackless green threads (round-robin)
  • Has a mark-sweep garbage collector
  • Has a hosted interactive prompt for live coding
  • Licensed under the GNU GPL ver. 2


  • A built-in compiler
  • Any of Python's libraries (no batteries included)
  • A ready-to-go solution for the beginner (you need to know C and how to work with microcontrollers)

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