'Det svære er at gøre de digitale modstandere dumme nok'

AI er med til at gøre det interessant at lege katten efter musen med modstanderne i actionspil, fortæller programmør i IO Interactive.

19. dec 2022

Using AI to overcome writer’s block: “You can write a novel together with Dostoevsky”

The AI-powered tool LAIKA aims to help writers avoid writer’s block. Among other things, it makes it possible to use history’s greatest writers as collaborators.

13. dec 2022

The gaming industry can be a front-runner in AI: “We have the advantage of not risking lives if something doesn’t work as intended”

Danish game studio Raw Power Games wants to be a front-runner in artificial intelligence. They dream of a game that can almost create itself.

29. nov 2022

Developer behind award-winning golf game: Good design can get the player to burst out laughing in surprise

Anne Clausen, game director of the successful comedy golf game WHAT THE GOLF?, describes how a game designer begins to see the game through the eyes of the player and how this can help create surprising and funny moments.

6. sep 2022

Danish developers want to take over cinemas with a new game platform: “It will be like a LAN party”

Two Danish companies—Cinemataztic and Bolverk Games—have received funding to create computer game tournaments that will save empty cinemas.

17. aug 2022

Researcher: AI can make games more personalised if developers let go of control

In the future, computer games could have content tailored to the individual player if the game developers dare to relinquish their data and their creative control, according to an expert.

28. jun 2022

Danish developer creates a voice-controlled game in Google Actions: “It’s a pretty good development environment”

Players use their voice to control the course of the game in “Voice Attorney”, a new game from Danish game developer Bolverk Games. The game director provides an insight into the workings of Google’s voice recognition tool.

8. jun 2022

Unreal Engine shows the future of computer graphics: “We are reaching real-time photorealism”

At The Game Awards held at the end of last year, Epic Games showcased Unreal Engine 5 with the tech demo “The Matrix Awakens”. The demo gave us a good idea of what we can expect from computer graphics in the coming years, a Danish expert says.

12. jan 2022

Softwareudvikler om selvkørende biler: »Vi har opdaget nogle udfordringer som ikke var til at forudse«

Udviklingen af selvkørende biler er langtfra gået i stå, og hos en amerikansk softwareudvikler med danske rødder er man i gang med at forstå, hvad det egentlig er vi kan og skal med dem.

25. jun 2020 19

Når computerspil bliver kunst: »Spil skal ikke bare være sjove«

Computerspillenes dogmefilm, indie-spil, vinder frem. Og for dem gælder helt andre værdier end for de konventionelle kæmpetitler.

7. dec 2019