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David Walland

David Walland

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Where are all the sufferers?

I accept that these failures in the design of the study weaken it's power greatly. However, it certainly gives us results that fit with experience. Cancer causation has a very long time base, so even with rapid cancers one expects the peak occurence to come around 25 years after exposure. ...

28. okt 2011 12:01WHO-ekspert kalder dansk kræftstudie af mobilstråling 'fejlagtig'

Radioactive waste

Hospital wastes are different in several ways to most industrial ones in particular because they contain a good deal of radioactive materials - well diluted but present. There needs to be consideration given to how much biological concentration will occur. In my many years in University Radiati...

20. okt 2011 10:51Godt råd til hospitaler: Rens vand for medicinrester og spar penge

Lots of experience!

It's sad but we here in the UK have built so many of these buildings that there is a great fund of experience here in blowing them (up or) down. The names appear just to be the local names of the buildings, sometimes with an area name as well. Sadly, so many of these blocks of flats were s...

2. sep 2011 12:17Se Rødovre-husenes sprængningseksperter i arbejde

Just Ships?

I wonder how such a device would alter the sideways pressure on the object being cloaked/protected by it. Clearly if the amount of turbulence created by for example aircraft wings can be reduced without significantly affecting the lift from them, the costs of flying aircraft could be reduced and...

25. aug 2011 11:55Usynlighedskapper til skibe sparer på brændstoffet

I wonder why Journalists get it wrong?

Having read (if that's an appropriate word, as some seem to be meaningless) the comments, it's no surprise that Journalists don't understand these issues. Clearly engineers don't (well Danish ones don't anyway). Journalists also seem unable to distinguish between "radiat...

17. aug 2011 17:27Hvad er forskellen på becquerel og sievert?

Two words

Hawthorn Effect?

17. aug 2011 17:08Grøntsager og frugt giver gode karakterer

Illuminating the staircase

Can I suggest that you buy an LED bulb in place of the incandescent one. These last for very long times and can be bought (expensively) in fairly high outputs now (there are plenty on EBay - at least from the UK). Like all things electronic, the occasional one will fail early in its life but the...

17. jun 2011 15:49Hvorfor slår HFI-relæet kun fra, når jeg slukker springvandspumpen?

Vague? Well yes, necessarily.

As stated in some of the comments, the effect of these poisons are very personal. Also I imagine different variaties of potatoes grow different levels of solanine etc. under the same conditions. I eat green potatoes very often without ever even once having had any sign of any of the symptoms of ...

17. jun 2011 15:12Hvor farlige er grønne kartofler?

Do I hear someone agreeing with me?

I have certainly written in letters to Ingenioeren in the past pointing out the importance of looking at the full energy cost of such things as electric vehicles before claiming them to be environmentally neutral. It's quite funny to find this being reported now, no matter how poorly (and t...

16. jun 2011 13:05Batterier ødelægger elbilers CO2-regnskab

We're not *totally* stupid over here

Believe it or not, most people actually realise that the wind doesn't blow all the time, so we recognise that wind turbines are only PART (shouting deliberate) of the answer to renewable energy. I've never understood why so many of the anti-renewables people regard the fact that wind t...

16. jun 2011 11:27Dong skal bygge kæmpe havmøllepark i Det irske Hav