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David Walland

David Walland

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There's one born every minute!

Can I recommend (for those whose English is that good) Ben Goldacre's book "Bad Science". It addresses precisely this sort of "science". Regards David Walland

1. jun 2012 9:51Forskere: Ny dna-diæt er svindel og humbug

UK experience and memories of Silkeborg

If it's any consolation, the traffic lights in the UK are just as bad or worse. We have a local "light controlled" roundabout where when the lights break down after heavy rain (which happens quite frequently), everyone heaves a sigh of relief as it can save a minute or more over waiting for...

24. maj 2012 10:09Hvert femte trafikstyrede lyssignal har fejl - bilister spilder tiden

Yes. Everyone eventually dies ... but

I live with my Danish wife in the North East of England. Only four generations ago the male life expectacy in this part of England was 47 years. Work by many unsung heroes has resulted in that life expectancy rising by around 20 years. The figures up here are distorted because being unemployed...

11. maj 2012 10:11Dagligvareprodukter mistænkes for at øge kræftrisiko


I remember my time in Denmark. I remember feeling like a zebra in a zoo, called to interview several times and almost never offered a post. At first I was told "your Danish is not good enough", later merely "No"! Out of well over 400 job applications in my four and a years in Denmark, I was ca...

5. apr 2012 11:07Esbjergchef om ledige ingeniører: De viste ikke interesse nok

How exciting!

I've lived with tinnitus all my life, so I was excited to hear about this study. I've now voluteered to take part and if I'm accepted will be happy to let you all know how I get on. I have good memories of Aahus Kommunehospital - where I had my third ear operation - and I credit ...

5. apr 2012 10:49Stimulering af arbejdsløse neuroner skal stoppe tinnitus

Whose responsibility?

Here in the UK for many years amateur radio folk had similar problems in the days of analogue TV. I believe the law about interference is an international one and requires that if the producer of the interfering signal is transmitting a signal outside their permitted frequencies, then they have ...

30. mar 2012 16:474G-støj kan gøre det nødvendigt at udskifte fladskærms-tv

New Eggs are also harder the whip (piske

One of my favourite meals is soufle, which I also enjoy making, but the egg whites (which are separated during the process of making a soufle) are almost impossible to whip stiff unless they are at least 2 days old. My experience is that the cold water treatment is fine for hard-boiled (haard-ko...

10. feb 2012 14:47Spørg Læserne: Er det sværere at pille helt friske, kogte æg?

I wish it worked for me!

I'm now nearly 65 and I can fall asleep watching a really interesting TV program, or when working on my computer here at work or at home, especially when I don't want to! Obviously either this doesn't work for oldies, or for Englishmen, or simply for me!!! My wife is a (Danish) G...

27. jan 2012 12:18LED-skærmen gør dig effektiv - men ødelægger din søvn


The question which no-one seems to be prepared to ask is why the reactors in Japan were nearly all built on the SW side of Japan, rather than the NE side. Look up how many major tsunamis occurred are known to have occurred on the NE side of Japan as against those on the SW side of the island gro...

4. jan 2012 16:13Fukushima - atomulykken der ikke kunne ske

Why have them on the SE coast?

I spent some time looking at the known tsunamis around Japan and found that while a severe tsunami could reasonably be expected on the SE coast, there is little evidence for major tsunamis on the NW coast (only one reported on the list I read). So why build on the dangerous side? Of course tran...

23. nov 2011 15:41Overblik: Havareret atomkraftværk knokler for reaktor-kontrol inden nytår