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David Walland

David Walland

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Do you mean radioactivity or radiation?

There is no excuse for Ingenioeren mixing these up. They are totally distinct! In fact, from the article, the UN report appears even more specific. It appears to be telling us that the leaks have been plugged, not that the reactors are "safe". Indeed it actually tells us nothing about radiati...

3. jun 2013 9:09FN: Stråling fra ulykkesramt atomkraftværk er uskadelig

Hearing Aid users

I agree very strongly with Mark. I'm congenitally hearing impaired and (despite three ear operations - one carried out at Aarhus Kommunehospital) wear two hearing aids. Many of my generation - the first to be able to expose themselves to damaging sound levels voluntarily (pop music!) - wil...

3. jun 2013 8:58Ørecomputer skal forudsige insulinchok

Look around you (outside Denmark)

If you look and see what has happened in other countries, like Ireland, you quickly realise that what is intended and what actually happens are two different things. No matter how much the Gaelic speakers press for English to be wiped out and only Gaelic used, most people still don't use Ga...

15. mar 2013 11:33Grønlandsk valgdrama - dansk skal forbydes

Wrong direction

The point about why this meteor cannot have any relationship with 2012-DN14 is apparently, that this one was coming from the North and 2012-DN14 is coming from the South.

15. feb 2013 13:12ESA på twitter: Meteor har ingen forbindelse til asteroide tæt på Jorden

English experience on an electric bicycl

En vest er ikke nogen livsforsikring. For at blive set kræver det stadig at ens medtrafikanter bevidst ser efter en ... JA I ride my electric cycle mostly on cycle tracks but there are about 2 km on my way home from work where I have to ride on the actual road, sharing with all other road users...

3. jan 2013 13:38Ældre bilister skyld i stigning i motorcykelulykker

If only it were that simple

Unfortunately, however much we'd like the bee problem to be just an insecticide problem, it's much more than that. Honey bees are suffering from significant increases of viral diseases carried in part by Varroa mites, which can be controlled by regular intervention but not (so far) eli...

2. jan 2013 14:45Biernes forsvinden i Europa skal opklares i stor undersøgelse

It's not new in the environment

The interesting thing about silver is of course that what we're looking at is whether the form of a simple compound significantly changes it's environmental risk. It's clear that the experiment being reported on is by way of being a pilot study and a number of different modificati...

6. sep 2012 11:42Nanosølv fra tøj og køleskabe optages af dyr og planter

Limited horizons

One unpleasant fascination for me is the endless looking inwards of some of the comments on Ingenioeren. As an Englishman married to a Dane, who has also lived in Denmark, I'm aware of the significant differences in our cultures, even though I'm well aware that many Danes would totally...

8. aug 2012 15:21Fukushima-ansatte bliver mobbet: 'Det er jeres skyld'

User-Friendly required

Although I'm English and live in the UK, I too am 65 and therefore I believe I have some useful points to make. The main problem of using the Internet is that even the simplest action tends to need a surprising amount of knowledge of "computer-speak" (aka "Nerd"). I don't have enormou...

27. jul 2012 11:34Mange ældre har stadig ikke været på internettet

Don't forget the content either

Another problem which I became professionally aware of in the UK but will probably be just as relevant to DK is the issue of what may have been "disposed of" on such waste sites. In the early 70s for example many "Trim-phones" (which contained a fair amount of radioactive hydrogen - "tritium") w...

13. jul 2012 10:50Det vælter ind med tips fra læserne om gamle lossepladser