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David Walland

David Walland

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Human Error needs to be allowed for

As a retired Health and Safety professional, I find the suggestion that a soft shoulder is OK because vehicles shouldn't drive on it is wholly invidious! I've driven many thousands of km around Europe and have seen vehicles, whether Heavy Goods Vehicles or passenger vehicles go over th...

22. mar 2016 23:10Blød motorvejsrabat får skylden i lastbilulykke ved Rødby

Back to basics

One thing no-one seems to looking at in this discussion is why so much NOx is produced in diesel engines. From some 50+ years back my memory dredged up that NOx is produced above certain temperatures and can be rapidly reduced by reducing burn temperature. I double-checked this and the critical...

3. dec 2015 14:15Eksperter tvivler på NOx-løsning fra VW

Visual Issues

While I am very cynical about the claims of visual damage by wind turbines, as large turbines are very elegant, there is no doubt that current electricity pylons are excruciatingly ugly. Why not look at the Icelandic take on them. https://www.opumo.com/magazine/choishine-e... They're fun ...

13. nov 2015 11:49Modstand mod elmaster truer EU-klimamål

I don't have problems with feedback either

As regular readers will know, I'm English, married to a Dane and read Danish fluently. I too wear bilateral hearing aids. They are Danalogic digital aids, presumably of the cheapest that the NHS can get and probably Danish designed. I'm only hearing impaired (I picked the wrong paren...

11. nov 2015 15:12DTU vil fjerne hyl i høreapparater

I had the same problem here in N E England

I quickly realised that the problem was capacitive and caused by the wiring running together in the same plastic channel. It seems as has been written here by others that it is the early, cheap LED lamps which did this. I changed one of them to a modern LED bulb and the problem stopped. This w...

8. okt 2015 17:30Spørg Læserne: Hvorfor lyser dioderne, når de er slukket?

More I don't want change.

I live in the North East of England next to one of the most industrialised area imaginable. I like wind turbines. I lived near some in Denmark, for several years, and would be happy to do so again. So I approached the owner of the waste ground behind my home and asked whether it was a good are...

25. sep 2015 12:26Kronik: Lokal modstand fejlfortolkes i VE-projekter

Bioremediation and PCBs

However this potentially PCB contaminated waste is dealt with, sooner or later it needs to be remediated, as it will continue to contaminate the environment over time until degraded. My immediate reaction reading this article was to search for information on bio-remediation. I found this: http...

3. sep 2015 11:33Nye affaldsregler kan gøre turen på genbrugspladsen en halv milliard dyrere

It can be hard to ask the right questions

This issue reminds me a little of a complex problem using sodium borohydride to fix tritium (radioactive hydrogen) atoms to specific points in biological materials. The system was well known and the chemistry widely available. There was only one small problem... The chemists were working with ...

14. aug 2015 12:12Kemiker: Byggeriet brugte saltvands-plader uden at ane, hvad de er lavet af

Thoughts from the UK

It's a long time since we lived in Denmark, so I can't help with any of the legal side of this, but we reuse some of our rain water here in NE England. I'd love to be able to take all the water coming off our house roof, as we get the rain from both our neighbours' houses too...

30. jul 2015 11:22Spørg Læserne: Hvordan bruger jeg regnvand optimalt?

How long before they are used as weapons?

I imagine ISIS are watching these developments with great interest. A small explosive charge and careful aim at an engine and yet another hated western aircraft crashes! A bit of careful choosing and it will crash in a housing estate and kill even more infidels. What a GOOD idea to publicise t...

23. jul 2015 15:07Formodet drone i nærkollision med Lufthansa-fly