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David Walland

David Walland

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Re: Ansvar

I have to disagree with Peter Madsen, first in who is to blame. In this case, blame is properly shared by those whose duty is to provide safe water and those whose duty is to oversee this. Both failed. However even more important is to work out ways to ensure that the probability of a repeat i...

6. aug 2009 10:54Kommune lukker vandboring i Tune permanent

Everything is different at the low windspeeds windmills must ...

I've spent a fair amount of time trying tobuilt really effective small windmills for my back garden. The problem is that there is very little free published material on appropriate aerofoil sections for such low wind speeds. I have books on model aircraft aerofoils as these are the only wi...

28. maj 2009 15:07Danmark i kamp mod USA om at skabe støjsvage vindmøller

Re: Is nuclear power *really* the only way?

I actually pointed out that the production of hydrogen hs to be in the deep ocean. My concept has the hydrogen moved from there by tanker to offshore then piped to the power station from the tanker ship. These ships may well be able to be powered using the boil-off from the cryo tanks en route....

28. maj 2009 10:32Atomkraft med i kapløb om Danmarks vedvarende energikilder

Is nuclear power *really* the only way?

When I retired from Radiation Protection nearly 5 years ago, internationally we were producing radiation protection experts at a rate of around 10% of the number needed to replace those retiring. This needs to be addressed before we start building nuclear power stations. My experience as a Unive...

27. maj 2009 15:39Atomkraft med i kapløb om Danmarks vedvarende energikilder

It's a bit more complicated, but even *British* engineers ar ...

When discussing the issues around the repair and ultimate disposal of the bit of kit, you need to have in mind that the equipment will be radioactive due to several different processes: Contamination Neutron activation Other radiation mediated activation I suspect that there will be little neutro...

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