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David Walland

David Walland

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Wearable - yes, but

I wonder what will happen if you wash such fabric, or put it in the tumble-drier...

13. maj 2010 10:51Nanogeneratorer vævet ind i tøj høster energi til elektronik

Not many foreigners to tax like this

I remember vividly my 4.5 years in Denmark! Never once did I get a job which fitted my qualifications. For 3 years, I was unemployed, despite my qualifications and experience. For half a year, I worked as a "shop-floor" worker and only got work in any way at the appropriate level (but not usin...

12. maj 2010 17:13Udspil fra S og SF: Bliv i landet eller betal skolepengene tilbage


See paragraph 5 of the article. I am fascinated by this new concept! Cold radiation must be really useful. Can we have a detailed explanation of its physics and its engineering potential...

22. apr 2010 11:48Teknologisk Institut: Lufttermografering vildleder husejere

Deaf and blind and English

My experiences with English deaf people is that those who are totally deaf learn a very different language to normal English. The whole structure and grammar of their language, although using English words, is totally different. I have a related problem with Danish. I read the language easily ...

3. mar 2010 15:29Drømmer blinde i billeder?

Lack of will

It's interesting that there is no more will to do anything about the effect of personal (not to mention goods) transport in DK than anywhere else. To deal with this, we HAVE to change our ways and our behaviour. I'm no more keen on this than you guys are, but it has to happen, because ...

29. jan 2010 16:56Ingeniørens tænketank: Tre simple tiltag kan knække bilernes CO2-kurve

Re: Hvad med røntgenstrålingen?

"Det lyder ikke som om fusionsenergien vil blive 'ren' med de mængder røntgenstråling der udløses og skal håndteres?" This depends very much on how energetic these X-rays are. X-rays are not like neutrons and do not necessarily produce activated materials. However, the process will p...

29. jan 2010 16:22Succes i verdens største laser giver håb om fusionsenergi

"Environmental Impact Statement"

At least I assume that is what VVM-redegørelse means. It fascinates me to find that whereas Danish scientists and Engineers are normally believed to be "the best in the world (everyone knows that)" - everyone in Denmark anyway if not the rest of the world - as soon as we come to proper environm...

28. jan 2010 11:13Rapport: Smid 16,8 millioner tons salt ud i Limfjorden

Hearing Aid irritations

I live in the UK and use Danish hearing aids supplied by the National Health Service. My hearing aids last for some 8 days on each battery (presumably more powerful ones use more power and hence only last 4 days). Quite the most irritating issue with the aids I currently use (Danalogic ones), is ...

20. jan 2010 14:44Danske forskere vil sætte mikrobrændselscelle i høreapparater

Re: Hvad goer de andre, UK style

We just have the wrong sort of snow (English black humour Laeves, fog etc can be substituted for snow as appropriate). Seriously, I wonder if some sort of cover can be produced which, as it is moved away by each set of train wheels, also knocks away snow build-up from the wheels. For me the cri...

18. dec 2009 15:53Gas- og elopvarmede sporskifter bukker under for snefygning

Research is fine...

If there's one thing I've given my working life to it's research but there are times when I wonder whether researchers may be listening too closely to themselves. Fuel cells are unbelievably expensive still and require very scarce resources. Should they really be a "first choice" ...

17. dec 2009 11:17Verdens første brændselscelle-skib ved kaj i København