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David Walland

David Walland


There's a lot to be learnt yet

One of the astonishing aspects of the fire is that it was clear that the main gas valve was not closed for a long time (hours) after the fire broke out (Massive flames deep in the structure could be seen right through to the second day of the fire). Maybe there wasn't one? There are two s...

29. jun 2017 15:11Grenfell-brand: Gasrør manglede brandbeskyttelse

Is it necessarily the pilots' fault?

I feel Bo Christensens comment, deep in my soul! :-) As a Danish-speaking Englishman, I have never been able to understand nordjydske, especially in the fish shop in Hirtshals harbour. My mother-in-law, a Dane born just south of Kbhn never reliably managed to understand it either. If those on ...

5. apr 2017 16:37Dårligt engelsk skaber forvirring i flytrafikken

What is a higher qualification for?

It seems that Bent thinks these sorts of qualification are simply about training for a specific job, when they have much wider value than this. On the simplest level, looking at learning another language can perhaps show more of the breadth of value of qualification. I learnt Danish to fluency ...

13. jan 2017 12:40Leder: Søren Pind må se at få revet uddannelsesloftet ned

I'm astonished

That anyone would expect any different. I don't know what may have been "disposed of" into the legs of these platforms but I do remember various issues in the past - I go back to well before there was any North Sea oil or gas and can't off hand give "chapter and verse" as we say in Eng...

14. dec 2016 14:28Shell vil efterlade skrottede boreplatforme i Nordsøen

You don't need Pb

To shield against gamma radiation you need MASS. Lead is convenient as it is very dense so that you need a smaller size of lead than fx steel or concrete but the same mass thickness of concrete or steel will still shield radiation to the same extent. I haven't kept up much with Chernobyl, ...

16. nov 2016 17:53Sådan byggede de stål-sarkofagen til Tjernobyl

Volume v concentration and Risk Assessment (risiko vurdering)

As a matter of fact can I point out that 2 ml is NOT a concentration - it's a volume! Risk Analysis - Risiko Vurdering When a patient has an X-ray or radiation therapy/diagnosis of any sort, there is a balance of risk. If you will otherwise die of cancer or some other cause - even a broke...

15. sep 2016 10:22Dansk apparat skal revolutionere PET-scanninger

Spent Drilling Mud and Radioactivity

Many years ago, when I was in my 20s, I was asked to measure the radioactivity of spent drilling mud (the material used to lubricate drills when drilling into rock for whatever reason). I was made aware that at that time a lot of potassium compounds could be added to the drilling mud. Potassium...

2. jun 2016 15:53Miljøfolk raser over hemmelige niveauer af radioaktivt skiferaffald

Linear no threshold model

During my many years in Radiation Protection I noticed two things about using the linear no threshold model: 1 It was, if it erred, erring on the safe side 2 I never met anyone who was keen to abandon this model, who ever put themselves forward to test other models. It was always others who ...

6. maj 2016 15:21Spørg Scientariet: Skal jeg være bange for radon i min kælder?

There are also many other uses of palm oil

Don't forget that palm oil is massively used in the food industry. This releases still more greenhouse gases. And remember, just because it's possible to make biogas from the waste, doesn't mean it ever will be made, if it doesn't put money in the "right" pockets... Biodies...

6. maj 2016 14:38Biodiesel er næsten dobbelt så sort for klimaet som fossil diesel

I learnt the following as a teenager

"Sacred to the memory of Richard Loomes, who complained about the fumes. He complained, we lied, Profit resulted, he died"

22. mar 2016 23:24Kagefabrik fik værdiløs garanti mod fluorstoffer