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David Walland

David Walland

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A complex area

I had for a number of years to deal with this sort of issue, not only with non-ionising but also with ionising radiation, as a Radiation Protection Adviser. I have experienced many situations where a complaint has been made in good faith but in reality it has been the fears of the complainant w...

12. okt 2018 16:45Trådløs stråling: Borgerforslag kræver helbredssikre grænseværdier

Why bother?

Whether Danish law likes it or not, everyone will have to use UTC anyway. So where's the point? Is it something in the Danish psyche to have to change a law that no longer functions? Why not leave it and laugh about it? I remember when I was learning Danish in the 1980s being told about t...

27. jul 2018 14:33Andre lande bruger atomure: Danmarks tidsbestemmelse bygger på lov fra 1893

It's not rubbish, it's a beautiful building

Unfortunately, there are a number people in this world, far too many of whom are engineers, who live the belief that building design which is out of the ordinary is rubbish, The Viking Ship Museum has been rightly protected, because it is such a building - out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, the...

18. jun 2018 13:36Ny rapport: Vikingeskibsmuseet bliver meget dyrt at redde

Concentration on the wrong issue

The basic problem of diesel is the high temperature of the burn - the very reason why it is so efficient versus petrol. As the car manufacturers increase the efficiency of petrol engines, exactly the same issue of NOx will grow, because the burn temperature in the ICE will have to rise to impro...

9. mar 2018 14:35VW tror at diesel får en renæssance - hvad tror du?

Lifetime of LEDs

My experience of using LEDs in my home and my late wife's studio is mixed. I fitted 24 3w LEDs of "warm white" colour about 5 years ago in her studio. One got dropped while I was fitting it, falling about 3 m to a solid floor. All are still working and saving notionally 888 w/h. Over 5 ...

19. jan 2018 12:27Spørg Scientariet: Hvorfor springer mine sparepærer?

I can't wait for them to be safe enough

I'm now 70 and as a retired Safety professional am very aware that my driving standard isn't quite as good as it once was and I'm equally aware that I wasn't that good then. Once all the safety issues are sorted out, then I'd love a self-driving car. I just hope I live ...

15. dec 2017 17:01Slippe rattet? Nej tak!

This is only alpha gliadins

I lived with a coeliac wife until her death earlier this year. She was diagnosed in 1992 as adult onset. There is already a wheat which naturally lacks alpha-gliadins - spelt - but this triggers coeliacs, especially very sensitive ones as my wife was, just as badly as ordinary gluten containin...

7. dec 2017 11:42Crispr kan gøre hvede spiselig for glutenallergikere

Re: Ikke kun en udfordring for selvkørende biler...

It's not just white lines in good condition! I was driving from Odense to Silkeborg one very wet night many years ago. The conditions were awful, I was driving in a right hand drive car and water cm deep was flowing over the roads. Even after my beloved mother-in-law had had several strok...

3. nov 2017 15:48Dansk test: Regnvejr giver selvkørende biler problemer

It clearly hasn't failed due to overloading

I just checked the photo and it's easy to see that the break hasn't distorted the pipe shape. The two parts can be fitted back together almost perfectly. Overloading would have caused the pipe to distort. Aluminium is well known for failing in "fatigue" failure. There's no obvio...

22. sep 2017 12:18Stel på københavnsk bycykel brækkede midt over

Yet there are methods to deal with these emissions

I have seen no mention Diesel fuel/Water emulsion which can very significantly improve the emission of both NOx and PM from diesel engines. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/artic... It's clear that more work has been done on cheating software than on developing fuels which would signif...

18. aug 2017 16:22Leder: Forbud mod dieselbiler er det forkerte svar på skandalen