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Urs Kraenzlin

Urs Kraenzlin

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Jop's LOX tank insulation

Why was Jop's styrofoam LOX tank insulation not used?

28. jul 2016 13:32Nexø I fløj og faldt igen

Re: Fjernstyret udløsning af faldskærm?

Flemming Nyboe, thanks for the detailed reply to Lars's good question! Murphy's Law in action. As an engineer I would suggest the GNC should in the future automatically execute any missing prerequisite commands. Of course commands should not be lost in the first place, so this has to be...

26. jul 2016 17:43Raketopsendelse i dag 23./7. Update 26./7.: Video


Congratulations to the partial success! Thanks to the streaming team for their heroic fight to bring us live video. I'm sorry for the parachute team. Very nice that the rocket could be recovered. I'm looking forward to learn the cause of the failure. Cheers, Urs

23. jul 2016 20:12Raketopsendelse i dag 23./7. Update 26./7.: Video

Dupont official where to buy information

The english official Dupont website contains "where to buy information" for Nomex. They have a Danish website, you might find local "where to buy information" there. Cheers, Urs

11. maj 2016 14:30Hjælp!

Re: Why wooden stick?

Jørgen, thanks for the comprehensive reply! Cheers, Urs

27. apr 2016 13:58Mennesket dukker op i Pleistocæn...

Why wooden stick?

As Niels I wonder why you want to use a wooden stick? Won't it wobble in the fast gasses? How about a metal pipe, in the front of which you stick the igniter? It would be much stiffer, and easier to construct strong but smooth-running bearings for. The melt-wire is nice and simple, but how s...

26. apr 2016 15:08Mennesket dukker op i Pleistocæn...

Nice Maker Faire stand

The Maker Faire stand you made looks really nice! I have no doubt it was a success. Cheers, Urs

25. apr 2016 10:14Mød CS og byg din egen raket

Flow meter versus gas at the end of burn

How do you keep the flow meters from spinnig too fast in gas after the tanks are empty? How do you purge the system with nitrogen if the flow meters don't tolerate gas? Cheers, Urs

12. apr 2016 16:37Så skal der måles flow

Soldering: Round the edges of the copper spacers?

Maybe round the edges of the rectangular copper spacers so the silver solder makes a nice surface like it did on the round copper spacers? That might give you the best of both worlds? Great blog and videos, thanks! Cheers, Urs

11. mar 2016 8:46BPM-5 version 2 - Ugens løb i CS

Filling LOX and ETH from the base plate

Neat idea. I guess the connectors on the launch pad will be individually spring loaded? How do you prevent the LOX connector from getting stuck because of ice? And might not servos etc ice up because of LOX? Cheers, Urs

11. jul 2015 10:00Design af Nexø I