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Urs Kraenzlin

Urs Kraenzlin


Very nice work!

Very nice work, and very nice blog! Why did you have to make a new nose cone model?

5. jun 2017 10:38Der knokles ...

Thumbs up

Very good news, I'm looking forward to more frequent short videos! Contratulations on the high quality of the first one. I personally don't mind any overlap between videos and blog. Cheers!

9. apr 2017 10:11Premiere på videoblog

O/F Ratio

On the last (somewhat frustrating) motor test you had trouble getting the O/F right. Have you found out what the problem was?

3. feb 2017 15:12Motortest i weekenden

Ablative vs regeneretiv cooling safety margin

Witch ablative cooling, how do you test for manufacturing errors? I really don't see how ablative is supposed to have a better safety margin if you can't test the flight engine with a nice long burn.

29. nov 2016 14:09Nyt fra CS motorgruppen


Nice to hear that CS has a new member! Martin, I wish you good luck with your first CS project, and hopefully with many more in the future. Cheers, Urs

22. nov 2016 14:17Nyt liv til ”autoklaveret”

Congratulations for successful test and nice live stream

Congratulations for the successful test and the nice live stream! Well done! The cooperation with Bosch Rexroth sounds very positive. I'm looking forward for the results.

31. okt 2016 21:13Invitation til statisk test

Re: LOX tank insulation

Thanks for the reply, and sorry to Stefan for the wrong attribution.

28. jul 2016 13:57Nexø I fløj og faldt igen

Automatic antenna and camera tracking

A system to automatically point the antennas and a camera to the rocket (by locking onto the telemetry, or by image recognition, or...) might be an interesting and well defined project for a university.

28. jul 2016 13:36Nexø I fløj og faldt igen

Jop's LOX tank insulation

Why was Jop's styrofoam LOX tank insulation not used?

28. jul 2016 13:32Nexø I fløj og faldt igen

Re: Fjernstyret udløsning af faldskærm?

Flemming Nyboe, thanks for the detailed reply to Lars's good question! Murphy's Law in action. As an engineer I would suggest the GNC should in the future automatically execute any missing prerequisite commands. Of course commands should not be lost in the first place, so this has to be...

26. jul 2016 17:43Raketopsendelse i dag 23./7. Update 26./7.: Video