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Ved at tilmelde dig accepterer du vores Brugerbetingelser, og du accepterer, at Teknologiens Mediehus og IDA-gruppen lejlighedsvis kan kontakte dig om arrangementer, analyser, nyheder, job og tilbud m.m. via telefon og e-mail. I nyhedsbreve, e-mails fra Teknologiens Mediehus kan der forefindes markedsføring fra samarbejdspartnere.

Urs Kraenzlin

Urs Kraenzlin

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Re: Fluid Dynamics

Yes, that's the nicole I meant. I don't know her personally, but I follow her blog.

8. jan 2018 16:49Tunnelrotter

Fluid Dynamics

Regarding questions about fluid dynamics you might want to contact Nicole Sharp. She is a scientist working in that area, and runs the very interesting FYFD blog about fluid dynamics.

8. jan 2018 16:16Tunnelrotter

Support Us: Patreon is no longer viable

In the afternoon I recommend Patreon, and in the evening I learn they introduce new fees that make it worthless. What a pitty. I can no longer recommend Patreon in any way.

7. dec 2017 20:10Der drømmes!

Re: New website: Support Us

Hi Henning Interesting, I didn't know that PayPal is so inefficient for small donations. So for donors like me it would be better to send the money only once or twice a year? I'll check if I can set this up in PayPal. Geez, the world is complicated! Cheers, Urs

7. dec 2017 10:52Der drømmes!

Re: New website: Support Us

Hi Mads Thanks for the kind reply. You might want to take inspiration from Patreon, or even join it. Stuff like this is their core business, and in my opinion they are good at it. I think it's important to let donors choose how much they want to give, and to make sure they know that any amo...

6. dec 2017 13:57Der drømmes!

New website: Support Us

I'm not very happy with the new "Support Us" page. Why the fixed amounts for recurring donations? Why are 10 bucks a month only for students, and who qualifies as a student? I've been donating 5 bucks a month for many years now. Am I a "preschool member"? Cheers, Urs

4. dec 2017 15:25Der drømmes!

New website: Missing links

On the new website I'm missing links to ing.dk, twitter, youtube, etc. Cheers, Urs

4. dec 2017 15:16Der drømmes!

Congratulations to the new ballute and parachutes

Nice work! I'm looking forward to the wind tunnel test. Cheers, Urs

4. dec 2017 15:15Der drømmes!

Re: Adventure

Kristian, thanks for the explanation! That's a very thorough filter setup, which clearly is necessary. I'm glad the adventurous journey ended well. It's always interesting to follow your activities. Cheers, Urs

10. jul 2017 19:26Sputniks returrejse til København


Sounds like an adventurous journey! That diesel sure likes to clog up. Are there any oversized filters you could add to mitigate that problem? I hope the cooling is OK now that the pipes have been cleaned? Smooth sailing for the rest of the trip! Cheers, Urs

9. jul 2017 14:40Sputniks returrejse til København