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Ved at tilmelde dig accepterer du vores Brugerbetingelser, og du accepterer, at Teknologiens Mediehus og IDA-gruppen lejlighedsvis kan kontakte dig om arrangementer, analyser, nyheder, job og tilbud m.m. via telefon og e-mail. I nyhedsbreve, e-mails fra Teknologiens Mediehus kan der forefindes markedsføring fra samarbejdspartnere.

Urs Kraenzlin

Urs Kraenzlin

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Reducing the forces of water entry: Interesting article


19. jul 2019 13:34Seneste nyt fra Kapselgruppen


Thanks for the blog, I'm looking forward to the test! However, the silence from the other departments is starting to bother me. Why should I keep sending a little money each month if I'm totally out of the loop?

27. jun 2019 16:42Faldskærmstest på lørdag

Nice review

Thanks for the very detailed and interesting review! I've been looking forward to this since launch day. Cheers, Urs

26. mar 2019 11:14No matter what, this happened

Nexo II parachute performace info?

Will there be a blog and/or video about the Nexo II parachute performance? The soft landing was a major success and a first for CS, so I have been waiting for this since the launch day.

25. jan 2019 12:34Swirlers

Re: Alternative idea

The two pumps of the V2 rocket (260kN thrust) were powered by one steam turbine with about 680HP. So the BPM100 will roughly need 260HP to feed fuel and oxydiser. Piston engines in that power range are way too heavy. I think a burner to vaporize LN2 to do that job would need to have about the sam...

22. nov 2018 10:04BPM100 DPR?

Really simpler than electrical pumps?

A neat idea that sounds simple at first. However, feeding the fuel takes a lot of power, so you will need a powerful burner, and regulating the pressure will be a very difficult task. I have a feeling this presents a lot of nasty problems. So it might actually be harder to do than electrical pump...

20. nov 2018 15:28BPM100 DPR?

Exciting news

That's exciting news, it's going to be interesting. I'm glad you seem to be going forward with regenerative cooling. I was a bit uneasy about ablative. Also I'm looking forward to getting more information about the Nexo II mission, especially regarding the early MECO. Cheers, ...

5. okt 2018 15:43T minus 100

Nice work

Nice work and nice blog, thanks! Interesting to see how you improved the reefing device procedure. It seems to be a simple and effective solution. Cheers, Urs

2. jul 2018 9:20Den smukkeste blå himmel

Re: Getting all the details right

Thanks for the reply, Mads and Thomas. Yes, there is little room for error, and the system is complex. That's excatly why I think it's important that you tackle the problem of getting all the details right. It's a boring and difficult task, but I'm convinced it's unavoida...

20. maj 2018 19:48Data fra BPM5 test

Getting all the details right

Congratulations to the smoothly executed test. However, I am a bit worried that there always seems to be a little error. An incorrectly installed parachute line and a wrong pressure sensor are just the latest examples. I think one of the major challenges of spaceflight is getting the amazing numb...

15. maj 2018 21:02Data fra BPM5 test