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Supplying your local community with greens on just 14m2

Frederik Lean

One of the main points of Growstack is to actually get out there and produce quality vegetables for real customers. The aim is to use the technology to develop new wellfunctioning business models t...

Aeroponics, Flames & Vacuum Draining

Frederik Lean

In this 3rd episode of the Growstack video log, we do the first little harvest, showcase the troubleshooting and explain the new upgraded venturi draining system. All of a sudden, we could spot bi...

Simply Push the Button to Grow Food

Frederik Lean

When will we be able to grow plants with just the push of a button? In this second episode of Botanical Bytes we dig deeper into the aeroponic technology behind the vertical farming system. Mike P...

Botanical Bytes - Growstack VLOG Launch

Frederik Lean

The realms of plants and computers are flirting with each other - and this might become the happiest arranged marriage there ever was. Via video-logs you can now follow the life of an open-source v...