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Supplying your local community with greens on just 14m2

One of the main points of Growstack is to actually get out there and produce quality vegetables for real customers. The aim is to use the technology to develop new wellfunctioning business models that are better integrated with the people using the greens and pave the way for urban food production. Now the first spin-out of Growstack has started doing exactly that in a quite unique gastronomic location in Copenhagen: Reffen.

In this 4th episode of Botanical Bytes we take a look at how Reffen Greens got started. While still in its infancy (and still waiting for the final approvals from the ministry of food safety, who were largely unprepared for someone growing food in a container), you get a sense of how it works and the story behind. It's been a hell of a ride so far, and we are looking forward to really start producing in a staged, highly productive (and officially legal) manner.

In the coming period, we are looking into organising ourselves in a smarter way, as a cooperative. Basically, we'd like to go back to the roots of Danish food production: The infamous "Andelsbevægelse".

Further, we are looking deeper into the technology and the challenges to surmount, as well as the possibilities for gathering mass data from vertical farming operations in an open standard and use that to develop Plant recipes. Basically a preset configuration combined with IoT sensors that regulate plant growth towards optimum, which could be taste, speed of growth etc.

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Frederik Lean
er co-founder af CPH Foodtech Community, spydspids for vertikal farming-projektet Growstack og Chairman for Nest Copenhagen. Han giver på et ufiltreret blik ind i Growstack-projektets teknologi, problematikker, drømme, fejl og succeser.

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