Interview: Novell's Linux Star

Nat Friedman is not only an enthusiastic blogger and an avid photographer as documented in Flickr. He's also very fun to interview and gives a very blunt glimpse of the Linux future according to Novell.

I met Nat (born in 1977) in Paris when he was promoting the coming launch of Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED), which is due to be released this summer. A quick demo of SLED 10 was impressive.

After the interview Nat told me about his days as an intern af Microsoft. He was working on the MS webserver project IIS, and up came Bill Gates to ask him about the strange success of the open source based competing Apache Webserver.

"Bill was really eager to ask me about what this Open Source was all about. And I was really into Open Source long before I joined Microsoft," Nat Friedman remembers.

According to Nat he obtained a certain amount of insight to how Microsoft operated in terms of organizing their programming teams and conducting their business.

"Though my Open Source friends were disgusted when I started working at Microsoft as an intern in 1999 I found it very revealing and rewarding," says Nat Friedman .

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