Hjælp til i Mozilla-laboratorierne

Mozilla Corporation har startet det såkaldte Mozilla Labs, som en form for "legeplads". Mozilla selv definerer, indtil videre, Mozilla Labs på denne måde:

A place to explore the future of the web experience. Focused around web browser technology initially. Two areas, one for contributing ideas and another for testing out stuff.

Og det lyder jo ikke så lidt spændende!

Efterlyser input

I det første blogindlæg hos Mozilla Labs skriver Mozilla Coporations Basil Hashem:

I encourage you to provide me feedback through comments and editing of the Wiki pages with ideas that you think would be appropriate for Labs as well as companies that Mozilla Labs should encourage to participate. I also have a huge list of To Do's for Mozilla Labs, feel free to add to my pile. Finally, I expect Mozilla Labs to evolve drastically over time and you can help shape its direction. Thanks.

Og i sin blog skriver Mozillas "chief lizard wrangler", Mitchell Baker:

The basic idea is to provide a development forum to explore a small number of ideas that could provide new classes of functionality or other significant changes for our products. Our initial focus will be heavily in browser-based activities, though that isn't set in stone and may expand with time.

By "new classes of functionality" I mean things like improving browser interaction with social networking activities; more integration with web services; what could one do if one could had local storage of data from browsing activities?

Så herfra skal blot lyde en opfordring til at hjælpe til med at forme Mozilla Labs!

Du kan læse mere om Mozilla Labs i den officielle wiki eller ved at se præsentationen af Mozilla labs, som Hashem har uploadet.

Af andre online labs kan nævnes Google Labs og Opera Labs.

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