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Greater Spaces & IWD2021

Happy International Women's Day! #iwd2021

Greater Spaces has been active for a year now and throughout this year we've been posting interviews with Danish and international female role models within technology, focusing on hardware, software, art, culture, research and design. The goal has been to expand the current narrative of technology, and inspire a trend toward non-binary values. What does this mean? Try to check out some of our previous interviews, with incredible women working in tech:

Throughout the year we have demonstrated that there are many women out there doing amazing things with technology and thereby broaden the scope and create a greater space for what and who constitute technology today.

Next steps

Now we are happy to announce that we have initiated a collaboration with Malmö University to explore how we can develop the blog even further. We are currently investigating how to:

  • Keep broadening the scope and include more artists designers
  • Develop a larger community around the blog
  • Include the community in writing posts and disseminating the existing interviews

In the coming weeks we will publish interviews with the amazing group of students we are so lucky to work with during this semester. We will also change language from Danish to English.

How are you celebrating International Women's Day? Here's a few things to get you started:

  • Join our introduction to FemTech tonight where we delve into the hardware devices in the FemTech world. Sign up here.
  • Read about the opportunities to develop new technologies in an important area that affects half the population: Menopause.
  • Check out the new prototyping think tank, with a feminist perspective: The Making Tank
  • Read about 3 ways you can support the women in your life today via Women in Hardware's tips on Instagram
  • Check out the intriguing work Catch is doing in collaboration with Mirabelle Jones entitled "Digital Alchemy"

Have a great International Women's Day!

Majken Overgaard er programleder ved Catch (, som er et center for kunstdesign og teknologi. Ud over sit fuldtidsarbejde har hun været medstifter af to firmaer siden 2011 og har fokuseret på feministisk aktivisme inden for kunst og teknologi. Vanessa Julia Carpenter har en ph.d. i Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products fra AAU. I sit firma, Kintsugi Design, udvikler hun design- og teknologiløsninger med et meningfuldt perspektiv for at fokusere på vores mål i livet. Hun har for nylig taget initiativ til det nordiske netværk Women in Hardware (
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