Accident Investigation Board Denmark after mayday call from a passenger plane: Thrust reverser doors were deployed

Illustration: Københavns Lufthavne

A very serious incident happened when a passenger plane encountered problems during its landing at Copenhagen Airport on 8 April.

Accident Investigation Board Denmark confirmed this in a press release.

The flight crew of the plane, which carried 102 passengers, aborted the first attempt at landing and instead tried to climb and turn around to make a new attempt.

The plane did not accelerate or climb as the pilots had expected. As a result, they had difficulty maintaining control of the aircraft.

According to the Accident Investigation Board Denmark, several of the so-called thrust reverser doors on one of the engines were deployed. The doors are usually used to decelerate the aircraft during landing by directing the exhaust gas forward. As the doors were open, the engine was idling. However, the pilots managed to get the plane to climb with the other engine.

Three out of four doors on the engine were in the fully deployed position. Illustration: Havarikomissionen

“During the climb, the flight crew declared an emergency (“Mayday”) and performed relevant checklists,” Accident Investigation Board Denmark writes.

However, the pilots managed to eventually land the plane without any material or personal injuries.

Passengers feared for their lives

Although no one was injured, the incident was an unpleasant experience for the passengers.

The passengers remained calm, but several told BT that they were aware that the situation was more serious than usual. One described a constant hissing sound and said that she feared for her life. Another said that the plane was tossed back and forth.

“The plane was thrown around and you could really feel that the pilot had to work hard to steer,” said the passengers, who also told BT that it felt as if one wing of the plane was only a few meters above the ground.

The Accident Investigation Board Denmark has now started investigating what exactly it was that went wrong that day.

The incident happened on an Airbus A320 that arrived at Copenhagen Airport from Lisbon.