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Fysikere opdager 'negativ masse'

Illustration: Jørgen True/SBi

Fysikere har haft succes med at lave en væske med negativ masse, der kommer mod dig, når du skubber den væk fra dig. Dermed bryder væsken Newtons love. Opdagelsen blev gjort, da forskere fra Washington State University kølede Rubidium-atomer ned til omkring det absolutte nulpunkt.

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Negativ masse blev opdaget for syv år siden:

Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (FVB) (2010, April 19). Negative mass and high speed: How electrons go their own ways. ScienceDaily: Citat: "... Physicists of the Max Born Institute in Berlin report in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters that electrons in semiconductor crystals have a negative inertial mass when strongly accelerated in an electric field. ... Researchers from the Max Born Institute in Berlin have now demonstrated that crystal electrons in extremely high electric fields exhibit a completely different behavior. Their mass even becomes negative. ... This means that the acceleration is in opposite direction to the force, which can only be explained by a negative inertial mass of the electron. ... The new results agree with calculations of the Nobel Prize winner Felix Bloch undertook more than 80 years ago. They open up a new regime of charge transport with new possibilities for future microelectronics devices. The observed frequencies are in the terahertz range (1 THz = 1000 GHz = 10^12Hz), about 1000 times higher than the clock rate of the newest PCs. ..."


Gud spiller med anakroniske ikke-deterministiske terninger?:

Washington University in St. Louis. (2015, February 9). In the quantum world, the future affects the past: Hindsight and foresight together more accurately 'predict' a quantum system’s state. ScienceDaily: Citat: "... The orthodox view is that this indeterminacy is not a defect of the theory, but rather a fact of nature. The particle's state is not merely unknown, but truly undefined before it is measured. The act of measurement itself that forces the particle to collapse to a definite state. ... It's as if what we did today, changed what we did yesterday. And as this analogy suggests, the experimental results have spooky implications for time and causality -- at least in microscopic world to which quantum mechanics applies. ... The shattering thing about the retrodiction is that it is 90 percent accurate. When the physicists check it against the stored measurement of the system's earlier state it is right nine times out of 10. ... For one thing, it suggests that in the quantum world time runs both backward and forward whereas in the classical world it only runs forward. ... In a world where time is symmetric, however, is there such a thing as cause and effect? To find out, Murch proposes to run a qubit experiment that would set up feedback loops (which are chains of cause and effect) and try to run them both forward and backward. "It takes 20 or 30 minutes to run one of these experiments," Murch said, "several weeks to process it, and a year to scratch our heads to see if we're crazy or not." "At the end of the day," he said, "I take solace in the fact that we have a real experiment and real data that we plot on real curves." ..."

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Det er næppe rigtig negativ masse. Hvis det er negativ masse, vil det kunne bruges til at lave flyvende gafler og tallerkener. Og flyvende gafler og tallerkener findes ikke. Hvis der eksisterer negativ masse, er det kun i meget kort tid, og det vil hurtigt forsvinde sammen med en positiv masse, som det eksisterer sammen med, og uden der frigives energi eller støj.

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De skulle have spurgt dig først Jens.

Det vil være fornuftigt.

Problemet er, at negativ masse, har negativ energi. Ligningen E=m*c^2 gælder også for negativ masse, hvis det er rigtigt negativ masse.

Negativ energi er forbudt ifølge termodynamikken.

I meget kort tid, kan positiv og negativ masse dog godt eksistere.

UFO'er, flyvende tallerkener, flyvende gafler, evighedsmaskiner, negativ masse, negativ energi, tidsmaskiner osv. eksisterer kun i Science Fictions. Det er ikke muligt i virkeligheden. De fysiske love forbyder den slags.

Det kan også diskuteres hvilken betydning en negativ masse, vil have for lysets hastighed omkring massen. Ifølge relativitetsteorien, så er der en sammenhæng mellem lysets hastighed og gravitationen. Og det kan være svært at afgøre, om tyngdeaccelerationen skyldes deformeringen af lysets hastighed, eller om den skyldes tyngde partikler. Ved rigtig negativ masse, må der naturligvis være tyngdeacceleration i modsat retning, og dette kræver at lysets hastighed er større end lysets normale hastighed i vaccuum. Hvilket igen også er umuligt ifølge alle fysiske love. Og det kan - i værste tilfælde - muliggøre tidsrejser.

Altså: Negativ masse, er videnskabeligt at sammenligne med tidsrejser.

Vores fysiske love vil forsvinde, hvis der er negativ masse.

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Den klassiske fysik skelner mellem 'træg masse' og 'tung masse'. Er den observerede masse træg eller tung eller begge dele?

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Og flyvende gafler og tallerkener findes ikke.

Hej Jens

Den flyvende tallerken, made by man on earth, er faktisk på tegnebrættet - og testet i praksis (PS: Artiklen og rapporten blev ikke udgivet 1. april). Fremdrift og opdrift opfylder endda din "ortodokse" (læs: F..k kvantemekanik) fysik opfattelse (jeg driller lidt...og kan sagtens forstå din holdning). Nu mangler der bare at blive lavet en flyvende gaffel... Mon du i så tilfælde vil spise en eller anden klassisk mekanisk hat? Det flyvende hundehus, plæneklipper og superman er allerede lavet; så pas nu på hvad du lover:

July 7, 2008, The World's First Flying Saucer: Made Right Here on Earth. A University of Florida researcher has plans on the drawing board for a saucer-shaped aircraft that turns the surrounding air into fuel: Citat: "... The saucer will hover and propel itself using electrodes that cover its surface to ionize the surrounding air into plasma. Gases (such as air, which has an equal number of positive and negative charges) become plasma when energy (such as heat or electricity) causes some of the gas's atoms to lose their negatively charged electrons, creating atoms with a positive charge, or positive ions, surrounded by the newly detached electrons. ... Subrata Roy ... Anthony Colozza ..."

12-20-2011, DEMONSTRATION OF A WINGLESS ELECTROMAGNETIC AIR VEHICLE Applied Physics Research Group, University of Florida, Gainesville. Subrata Roy, David Arnold, Jenshan Lin, Tony Schmidt, Rick Lind, Ryan Durscher, Mark Riherd, Tomas Houba, Richard Anderson, Justin Zito, Joaquin Casanova, Carlton Thomson, Daniel Blood, Dong Tran. Distribution A - APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE: Citat: "... The goal of this project is the proof-of-concept demonstration of an electromagnetically driven wingless aircraft with no moving component that will be able to selflift, hover and fly reliably especially under gust and impact conditions. ... Recent advances in materials, plasma discharges and power source allows us to take a revolutionary leap in unmanned air vehicle systems. We propose a patented* Wingless Electromagnetic Air Vehicle (WEAV), which employs no moving parts and assures near instantaneous response time. For the first time, the aircraft structure, propulsion, energy production and storage, and control will be combined in an integrated system. Such systems will be invaluable in close air support missions by providing situational awareness and damage assessment in a complex and chaotic battlefield environment. If necessary, the vehicle will also be designed to deliver focused and calibrated firepower. It will support AFRL strategic vision of 2015-2030 to “deliver precision effects: ubiquitous, swarming sensors and shooters” and will be relevant to the WMD sensing ISR missions. ... are plenty of remaining challenges. The proposed WEAV vehicle will have a smooth (continuous curvature), wingless surface. The electromagnetic force in WEAV is generated by applying a pulsed (alternating/dc) voltage...between a set of grounded and powered electrodes separated by a polymer insulator along with possible applied...magnetic field. It will generate a vertical fluid column induced by a polyphase power supply in the central hollow section to create sufficient upward or downward force for lift-off, hover or landing. The outer surface as well as the inner conical surface will facilitate maneuverability of the craft. The aerodynamic concept anchors on plasma-based Lorentz Force induced circulation control that enhances flight stability. Initial estimates show that the nominal cruise speed of the wingless design will be about 4-10m/s (12-33 ft/s). There are four major advantages of the proposed revolutionary concept over its winged counterparts. First, internal surfaces (say for a donut shape) used for thrust generation are less affected by the unsteadiness of the surrounding flow. Second, rapid response of the plasma force and absence of any moving part assures excellent aerodynamic reliability to adequately manage massive, time-dependent separation which will otherwise stall traditional wings or copter blades. Third, the wind load on an annular disc in neutral equilibrium is at a minimum. There is a need to have feedback control to comply with wind load for maximum stability. Fourth, its circular design allows it to have a full 360 degree maneuverability. This concept is based on sound physical principles. Its successful operation will hinge on long term research and development commitment. ..."

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Den flyvende tallerken, made by man on earth, er faktisk på tegnebrættet

Der er lavet en del UFO lignende helikoptere. Helikopterprincippet er energimæssigt effektivt.

Plasma og ladede partikler fungerer dårligt i luft, særligt i fugtigt luft og regnvejr.

Jeg tror det tætteste vi kan komme på en slags ufo som kan fungere i praksis er et gennemsigtigt svævefly, der f.eks. kan sendes ned på jorden fra rummet, og som er designet til at kunne pulverisere/forsvinde.

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Det er næppe rigtig negativ masse

De fysiske love forbyder den slags

Korrekt Jens. Forklaring følger:

Fysikerne har ikke fremstillet en væske med negativ masse. Derimod har væsken effektiv negativ masse. Den effektive eller tilsyneladende negative masse er blot en bekvem regmestørrelse. Newtons love gælder stadigvæk.

(Efter samme princip, som når man regner med ”effektiv kerneladning” for de ydre elektronbaner, fordi de indre elektrobaner ”skærmer” for den faktiske kerneladning).

Søren Fosberg skrev om Jens:

Du er vist den første jeg et stødt på der falcificerer observationer med henvisning til teorier.

Det er sørgeligt - her på ”March for Science Day”, at der udover Søren pt. er 8 andre læsere, der ikke er klar over, hvad eksperimentet gik ud på.

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Begrebet ”effektiv masse” benyttes flere steder i fysikken. F.eks. er ”Effektiv Masse” titlen på kapitel 5 i Niels I. Meyers bog fra 1970 - ”Introduktion til Faststoffysik”. Her beregnes en elektrons effektive masse, når den bevæger sig i et krystal.

Om denne effektive masse skriver Kittel i ”Introduction to Solid State Physics” fra 2005, hvor k er bølgevektoren, E energien og d2E/dk2 er den 2’den afledede af energien mht. bølgevektoren og er omvendt proportional med den effektive masse:

A single electron in an energy band may have positive or negative effective mass: the states of positive effective mass occur near the bottom of a band because positive effective mass means that the band has upward curvature (d2E/dk2 is positive). States of negative effective mass occur near the top of the band. A negative effective mass means that on going from state k to state k+dk, the momentum transfer to the lattice from the electron is larger than the momentum transfer from the applied force to the electron.

Det er nogenlunde det same der sker i det nævnte eksperiment. Se det mørkegrå område i artiklens figur 1.

Læs Sabine Hossenfelders glimrende, aktuelle blog om såkaldt ”negativ masse”.

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Det er sørgeligt - her på ”March for Science Day”, at der udover Søren pt. er 8 andre læsere, der ikke er klar over, hvad eksperimentet gik ud på.

Det kan du have ret i. Fra (den oprindelige) artikles abstract:

"A negative effective mass can be realized in quantum systems by engineering the dispersion relation."

hvorfra ordet "effective" ikke overlevede turen ud i den store verden. Og med henvisning til dit eget link til Hossenfelder er det åbenbart ikke så lidt mere end 8 der ikke forstod hvad eksperimentet gik ud på. Men touche til Jens som ikke hoppede på den.

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